Road to Hana: Seven Sacred Ponds, an essay

Up and down the winding roads, after two whole hours and an approximate amount of 600 turns by car, lies Hana. Along the way there are lush rainforest trees, fresh, tropical fruit, and crystal-like waterfalls. Why not take a break from all that driving? There are many places along the way where one can rest. But, the Seven Sacred Ponds (SSP) is a place where everyone must go. On the road to Hana, SSP is a must-go because it’s thrilling and relaxing.

Lush rainforests

First, the reason why SSP is one of the best stops is because it’s exiting. At the highest pond, there is a small cliff that people can jump off of. Feel the adrenaline race through one’s body as the leap is done. Air whips, by, and then SPLOOSH (!) goes the pond. Feeling gravity pull down at such a tremendous height is a stomach dropping sensation, scary but electrifying. Looking down and seeing how far away the water lies is a frightening but makes you want to take the dare. SSP is a favorite among visitors because it is “pulse pounding.”
Secondly, being cooled off and refreshed is another explanation of why SSP is a recommended resting place. Fresh air gets blown around providing a nice little breeze. Those squished, uncomfortable feet are finally free when it goes inside the water. Feeling the wind against your skin is very calming and like a big “thank you” to nature. Dipping the legs in the pond? It’s crisp, clear water makes it feel like one is instantly in paradise after being imprisoned inside a hot, stuffy car. With this, the good feeling will course through the body and one will be super relaxed.
It’s now clear of why people go to SSP — the intimidating and reviving feature of this world. Although it’s a great place to visit, it’s not the only place like this. Why not explore the world for more?

The water is so chilly, but we love it!

Emily :mrgreen:


Fishing at Daybreak Camp

So on the first whole day…
I have to tell you, I’m not good at all considering last year all I got was a bunch of seaweed.
So on the car, we were driving to the lake and I thought that if I reeled in too quickly, no fishes wanted to catch fast worms. This year I was patient and reeled in slowly and was a lot better at throwing the fishing line.
I basically fished until I felt a tug, and YAY! The first time attempting this year, I got a fish.
After that I tried again, but no luck. Suddenly, on the third try, I felt a strong tug. It must’ve been a big fish, because when I reeled in, the rod started to make a really strange noise. After a while, a big fish came up, but sadly it wasn’t the biggest fish. Emilee from cabin 1 got the biggest fish. my name is Emily. I think I got the second biggest fish. MUA HA HA!
Emily caught a big fish!

I tried again, but it was stuck. I reeled in , but the weird noises started again. In the end, a woman said” you either caught the biggest fish in the lake, or super strong seaweed,” and cut the fishing line. I got a new one and had no luck.

Maybe the 1st rod is magical. I tried it then it broke. Am I not worthy of becoming it’s master?
DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! (dramatic music)

By Emily, not Emilee :mrgreen:


My Dance Performance

We first started out in the changing room. Finally the first show started, and it was kind of interesting. I didn’t really do anything during the first round. It was kind of boring. In the second round, my group was the next one to perform after the really little kids.


My birthday party☺

Sophia was the first to arrive. We played curiosity, then Bianca came. We jumped on the trampoline. Mikayla came after. Chloe, when she came, started eating stuff before she decided to jump on the trampoline. Everyone was here, except for Sophia Z. She came later. My mom bought these exploding firecracker things, as well as mini bombs. First we threw the bombs and firecracker things and my mom and dad took pictures of us. We acted NOT proper. Yayness

Soon we went to down town and sort of terrorized everyone while wearing traditional Chinese dresses (My birthday was on Chinese New Year!)and eating ice cream but we didn’t terrorize anyone by eating ice cream. It seemed strange. I didn’t want to terrorize anyone, so I just threw a little bit of mini bombs.

We went back. Everyone wanted to ride bikes except for me. I jumped on the trampoline then went inside to help my brother build rocket ships. There were these tube things and you had to wrap this paper on it and tape it to build a rocket ship.

Sophia Z. came when I was on the trampoline, and I watched both of the Sophias’ wrestle each other. It wasn’t very interesting. I went inside, and Sophia P. said we should play slaves, and that wasn’t very fun.

For dinner we had delicious dumplings made by Sophia Z.’s mom and my mom. I loved them.

Chloe left when we were eating dinner :cry: . I opened her present, which were a bunch of epic clothes. Soon the rest of the group played hide and seek. That was more fun than slaves. One by one everyone left, and I opened the presents. They were all really awesome. Soon the last person, Sophia Z. was here and we played the wii. She left at ten instead of eight. I loved my birthday party. :mrgreen: .
Emily :idea:





- 麦君宇。 1/26/2013



最近麦君宇很有雅兴。 在我们滑雪回家大吃一顿后,有感而发:




The News☺

Homework assignments, again.
1. “Welcome to the uber-special news channel!!” says the mysterious voice 1.
2. “Now we will talk about the famous model!” says the strange voice 2.
3. “Ooh, thank you and now I would like to talk about the shower shampoo to make you smell yummy,”says the superstar.
4. “But before that, we will go on the weather channel!” says voice 1.
5. “There will be showers in CA for 1,000,000,000,000 millenias!” says the weather man.
6. “I want to talk about the men’s perfume that your uncle will love.” said the guy who worked at Estelle Lauder.
7. “No, let’s talk about the recipe for my famous sugar cookies so first you add 5 star brown sugar…”exclaimed the baker
8. “I’ve got a cure for cancer!” said a random doctor/scientist
9. “Get your high quality extra cotton pillow soft towels” said a Walmart salesman.
10. “Shoo!!!” said voice 1 because the last drop of patience dripped out of him.
By Emily :roll:


The Monster’s Brother

This is the sequel to “The Monster” but also a writing assignment.
1. It all began when the ninety-nine year old grandmother poured the monster’s DNA into her grandson’s milk.
2. When the grandson, Jared, drank the milk, he began bouncing everywhere.
3. Jared’s breakfast was his family, but he was still very hungry.
4. Since Jared ate the fireplace, now he breathes out milk smelling pink fire.
5. Meanwhile, the monster was in the deep dark depths of the woods.
6. In the afternoon the monster heard screams from the townspeople.
7. Then, everything was silent in the delightful town.
8. Soon what seemed like forever, the monster went to investigate.
9. The monster didn’t understand at all, but after seeing Jared he understood.
10. Already they were in a heated argument, ant the fight continues today. :evil:
By Emily Xie :wink:


The Monster!!

This is another one of my homework stories:
1. In the depth of the deep woods, there is a very weird creature which everyone fears.
2. The horrid monster traps people in cells and make them starve.
3. It’s probably the hairy face that makes him scarier than Godzilla.
4. The monster’s sharp and dirty claws will certainly tear you from limb to limb.
5. Why, the only way to tame the really break his heart, which is made of bad air.
6. No one hardly goes to the monster because one look at him makes you give up trying to kill him.
7. The monster’s icy stare doesn’t only send chills up your spine, but it also almost petrifies you.
8. You do not want to go near him, for his beard smells like rotten flesh.
9. When the alarm rings, everyone in the town knows the monster is coming so they hide in their best hiding spot.
10. Luckily, the monster comes every year so the townspeople have time to make a better hiding spot.

By Emily Xie :shock:


The ice cream

Here are my sentences for my homework.
1. If you gain weight, you’ll be as fat as a hippo.
2. The cause of having cavities is probably the ice cream
3. I still want to eat the ice cream because it is sweet.
4. You can’t eat ice cream but you can be safe and eat cucumbers.
5. You should travel in the past and see the kids because they can’t eat ice cream.
6. Reach for the cucumbers and leave the ice cream behind.
7. His mother secretly kept the ice cream under the old bed
8. The sky was gray and so was the ice cream because it was covered by the dust under the old bed.
9. The boy ran across the field because his mother told him the ice cream was hidden in the field.
10. The boy took a break from searching for the ice cream but he lost a lot of weight so the mother got the ice cream from under the old bed but the boy didn’t want to eat the ice cream.
By Emily Xie :roll:


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