The Monster’s Brother

This is the sequel to “The Monster” but also a writing assignment.
1. It all began when the ninety-nine year old grandmother poured the monster’s DNA into her grandson’s milk.
2. When the grandson, Jared, drank the milk, he began bouncing everywhere.
3. Jared’s breakfast was his family, but he was still very hungry.
4. Since Jared ate the fireplace, now he breathes out milk smelling pink fire.
5. Meanwhile, the monster was in the deep dark depths of the woods.
6. In the afternoon the monster heard screams from the townspeople.
7. Then, everything was silent in the delightful town.
8. Soon what seemed like forever, the monster went to investigate.
9. The monster didn’t understand at all, but after seeing Jared he understood.
10. Already they were in a heated argument, ant the fight continues today. :evil:
By Emily Xie :wink:

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