An Excuse (poem)

“Jaraoona Korio! Why are you so late for school?!?”
Asked Mrs. Hookalena
“I am sorry I am late for school
And forgot my homework.”
I said.
“I was doing homework
When a manaconda
Started sliding up my side.
I ran down the stairs
And found me by
45 savage trolls.
They wanted to eat me
As a gourmet meal,
But I was too swift for them.
I ran with all my might and I
Forgot where I was going.
I fell into quickmarand
When an eagle saved my life.
But it brought me to Markarctica
When a Malizzard
Made me sneeze.
He dropped me
And I fell onto wet ice.
I managed to grab hold of
A speedy narwhal,
But 35 unidentified swimming objects
Shot Mullets at him
And he flung me to
I figured I could
Jump really high and
Shot myself back to earth.
It was a frightening
Experience and I landed somehow in China
Where I found a
I rocketed back to San Diego
And I felt very hungry
So I went to McDonald’s
And ordered an 80 pc.
Chicken fries.
I was bloated and I
Bounced back to
Los Mangeles.
I visited my friend
Saloooganret Hakaladafa.
I found a rocket and zoomed
To a place called Markhawk
There was a mar.
I rode on it and came to school
Right here.
Right here.
I know I am very late and I notice there is only
45 marcends of school.”
“Very well”
said my teacher.
I will have to talk to your parents
About this.”

David Xie, 2006.02.17

The End