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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I am thankful to see:

v A lovely, psychedelic tweeting bird in the forest that chippers away.
v Warm sunlight that brightens up every day in our lives.
v Animals so happy that they have undisturbed homes.
v Poor old men getting charity during holidays having a glumptious meal.

I am thankful to smell:

v The great aroma of baking Thanksgiving turkey.
v The fresh fragrance of a flower in full bloom.
v The wonderful scent of fruit juice being pressed.
v The fresh smell of pine in a deep forest in the afternoon.

I am thankful to taste:

v The mouthwatering, fresh cranberries that color our Thanksgiving feast.
v The delicious turkey gift of peace between two past worlds: Pilgrim and Indian.
v Yummy morsels of scrumptious pie.
v Sweet, ripe apples picked from the best vine.

I am thankful to touch:

v The soft, warm down of a newly hatched chick.
v Wet maple leaves midst spring’s soft showers.
v The rough texture of the cement-and-wood walls of my school.
v The bounciness of my mattress in the dark night.

I am thankful to hear:

v Children laughing in happiness while playing together.
v The loud cry of a big blue whale swimming deep in the ocean.
v The soft tweet of a blue bird in the backyard
v The soft pattering of feet from sweat-beading racers on a circular track.


Historic California Capitals

The state of California is a great state. Lots of rivers, fresh air, flowers and mountains. But did you know that it has many capitals? Yes, it does. And I am going to tell you what they are.

In the early days of California, when it was ruled by Mexico, the official seat of government was Loreto in Lower California and Alta in upper California. Soon, the “Alta California”, or northern California, gained in importance and the capital got changed to Monterey in 1777. This was before California was a state.

Then, in 1849, The capital got shifted even north, to San Jose. Here people voted for California to be a state. The counters counted and counted and finally, California became the way it is today. Imagine if California wasn’t a state then! (We would still be living, but not living in this great place.) San Jose also became the site of the first meeting of the state’s governing body, known as the Legislature of 1,000 Drinks.

Soon, time passed and it became 1851. A no one-knows-who person dropped a slip on the govenor’s table while walking out of the building. It talked about making the capital Vallejo for some time. Why not? Council members thought. Let’s approve it. But when facilities there were found to be insufficient, they changed it again to Benicia.

Benicia was kind of a success, but it soon occoured that it had the same problem. Exactly. The council was not so happy. It was 1854. People were tired and annoyed. Every time they changed, it wasn’t right. What could they do?

Soon someone came up with a better idea. “It’s a place that everyone knows that won’t have problems.” The had a discoussion and It was done. “Sacramento it shall be!” they concluded. Everyone cheered.

Sacramento it was, and Sacramento it is. Sacramonto is a bustling city, full of cars and buses. You can see the great capitol building. It also contains the train museum and the state history museum. Someday you can come to this great state’s capital.

Class project by David Xie, 2006.11.08, before going to Sacramento field trip, visiting State Capitol and Musuems.


Eating Pickles


Sitting in a sturdy chair with nothing to do;
With nothing noisy in sight.
Being not hurried or raced,
Or while eating lunch.


Right in the middle of class,
In a grand concert,
Or while someone is having a serious conversation with you.


While doing homework,
While sleeping,
While doing a great piece of art,
Or while composing a magical piece.


When someone is going to crash you in a car,
While one is bullying you,
While eating a shark
Or when it’s eating you!!



Ways to Have a Better Life

Alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco are unneeded. Unneeded and useless, not to forget bad. Drugs ruin your life, and you might become an alcoholic if you drink too much. It’s better to just say “NO!” to drugs. Here are some ways to help you live a better life, and stay away from drugs.


Doing physical things such as hiking, swimming, playing basketball or soccer prevent you from getting fat and having a lot of colesterol. It also lets you hang around with friends and family, who hopefully don’t do drugs.


Activities with friends such as raking leaves, picking up trash, or planting plants are fun, educational, and helping the environment. Sitting in front of the T.V. may be fun, but you might become a couch potato! Ovbiously no one wants to be that. So you can spend your time doing fun activities instead.


Good food choices matter too. if you eat too much fries or hamburgers, you might have a build-up of cholesterol and have health problems. But too much of a good kind of food can be damageable, too. So eat a little bittie of everything. Build-ups are bad and should be avoided and if you have one, you should be on a diet or exersize a lot. Remember to eat healthy!

If you aren’t doing these suggestions, try to do them. If you are, great!


By David Xie, 2006.10.24

p.s. This article was a class project in “Red Ribbon Week” - Say No to Drugs. It has been chosen to be video-taped for Murwood News Network (MNN).

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