The Magic Rock

Let’s just say that we are in the land of English-speaking animals.

Well, as Mr. Tallhead J. Longneck Jr. was striding across the ground, he saw a rock. He loved collecting rocks, but he had never seen one like this. It was red, round, smooth, it almost looked like a marble. But it wasn’t. He didn’t know why, but Mr.Tallhead just had a thought. It wasn’t a marble.

It started to rain, so he knew it was time for supper. He murmured “I wish it stopped raining.” It stopped. It didn’t even have time to evaporate. The falling raindrops dissapeared, the clouds were gone, and it seemed like the rain didn’t exist. He now knew that this was a wishing rock, but not that sure. He tried again. He wished ” I wish there was 2 others of these!” he shouted. In his hand, he held 3 magic rocks. One for Ma, other for Pa, and the last for himself. He was very confident.

As he was going home, he wandered to the legendary harmonicaberry and largerberry hill. There he saw a liger blocking his way. He would die of hunger or be prey. The liger pouced on poor Tallhead Jr. and right before he bit Tallhead, Tallhead helplessly said, ” I wish I was a rock.” Mr. Liger bit the rock and broke his canines. He ran away and never went to the hill again. Without Liger, this is called Pleasant Hill.

From 1238 to 1240, there Longneck sat. He kept on trying o wish to be a giraffe again, but he wasn’t touching the rock. It just happend when his parents came walking by. They wanted to have a picnic. They found the rock, and, sadly sitting ate on Longneck Jr.! They saw the pebbles and placed them on the “rock”. This was Tallhead’s chance. He thought ” I wish I was a giraffe.” Instantly, he became a giraffe. The pans on him were falling, but the parents didn’t care. They were too overjoyed to notice.

David Xie, 2006.02.08.

Note: the liger is not a typo. It is a new type of animal (found around year 2002, I am not exactly sure about the time). It is lion-like tiger, or the in-between of a tiger and a lion.

Disclaimer: This is my original story !

The End