Why Swearing Is Bad

These recordings are all thoughts made by Poogue Jim.

Swearing. This is something you will find throughout your life. But what does swearing effect you ask? Well, one out of many reasons is that swearing does not relieve pain (a comment made by X-Man) it only makes the pain worse while adding stress. Anyone who swears puts on a personality unfriendly to the environment surrounding them. It does absolutely nothing to help you except growing slowly into evil. I realize most of you are not religious but God tells us to hold our tongue at the foot of the enemy. In fact, just today at my high school football practice, there had been an act of swearing going around and our coach had us write the first letter of the word we had used (I had nothing to write though) over the past week, I just wrote GRACE. So all you swearing ones out there, try this method then try, just try praying to God. I know it may sound uncertain but just try it once then wait, wait for his healing. Please it will make a difference in your life, trust me. And also pray about anything that you are struggling with but plllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee just try!