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Chapter 8

HOOOOORAY Dawn of the Lizard Warrior Chapter 8 is now posted and complete! Thank you for your patience.


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A Funny Class Experience

Everyone’s parents is almost begging their children to do something over the summer. For me, they wanted me to teach Chinese at the nearby school’s after-school care center. Of course, it was busier than ever because it was after the whole school scenario for a couple months.

So, I sat in front of the computer to write out the class plan, the permission slips, the handouts, and all that other stuff. It was pretty boring and went through some major revisions. But I kept on writing it with some help from my parents, and eventually finished all the paperwork.

I brought the idea over to the Presidents of the after school camp and they completely loved it. They were all, “This is GREAT!” and “Everyone will LOVE this!”, as if they thought that the whole camp would volunteer. So they happily complied to the plan and passed out all the permission slips.

As I came back to the camp a couple days later, I was pretty sure that there would be a bunch of kids coming. But then there was always the nagging voice at the back of my head, saying, “Who would even think about learning anything when they don’t need to? They already fall behind in class, why commit to something they know they won’t commit to?” I usually ignored the little voice, but now it was slowly taking over the other thoughts. As I approached the office, I had no idea what to expect.

The office was cluttered everywhere with paper from probably a century ago, and I was always amazed how they could ever find their way through all of it. (Sometimes I think my parents are wondering that about me, too.) The supervisors greeted me and gave me some high fives, and I asked them if there were any permmies back.

There were, of course (well, maybe not, according to your view) none.

So they told me to come back on Monday(it was Friday) and see if any more came back. I was pretty sure nobody would, especially after the deadline.

I figured that permmies went around like this:

1)Child receives permission slip. If s/he doesn’t like it, his disposes it in some way. If s/he does, it goes on to the next step.
2)Parents receive permission slip. Same as above, except if they like it, the slip goes back.

I also figured that all parents would want their kids to learn something new, so that would mean all of them were lost over the first step. Which meant that they all didn’t like learning, at least thought it was unpopular in the summer.

Don’t ignore the tiny voice in your head. Sometimes, it’s right.

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The End of a Long Argument

Finally after a few days me (Poogue Jim) and Vivachihuahua are now friends and have sided our differences. I will delete all the posts about our argument.

Now all of us are friends sharing a wonderful blog!

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I just want to point out dapoguebomb for supporting me through this online fight. I feel that whoever has the power to raise his levels up please do that

Thank You Dapooguebomb, you rock!!!

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Yakkity Yak- Chatting Post #2

Bored of using multiple posts to comment? Can’t find your posts, but don’t want to go all the way back the the Chatting Post way back? Use the New-fangled Chatting Post #2 -also called Yakkity Yak!

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Comments vs. Posts

There has been a wave of new posts coming up in the past three or four hours and it has been cluttering up the front page with news talking about the strange and completely unnecessary argument between Poogue Jim–Vivachihuahua. I also find that there has been a wave of new comments of the argument. I am not saying that you should not have conversations on the comment places, but please restrain from using posts on the same subject, especially if there has already been a great deal of comments on it.


Error in Dawn of the Lizard Warrior

If you have read the beginning of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior you may have realized that the name of the school was
“Walter Porn”. I am really sorry for that mistake and cross my heart and hope to die, I didn’t mean to call it that. It was just a terrible mistake. Fortunately, Poogue Master changed it before it got out of hand.

ONce again I am sorry and I didn’t mean to call it that

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[Title deleted by original author]

[Text deleted by original author]

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sup guys i need a suggestion on my story. so if u want an episode by friday they better be good! well no ones giving me suggestions so looks like an episode in friday looks bleak

Have a nice day

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1) 10 copycats get in a car 1 got out how many copycats are in the car?

2) If 8=B O=0 and 1=I what does hi equal?

3) A man takes a butcher knife along with a victim into an ally. He slaughters the victim. The police know him and what he does but never arrest him. Who is the man and why don’t the police make an arrest?

4) A man is found dead face down in the snow far away from home. A few people witnissed the death, but no one murdered him.
How did the man die?

5) A man climbs a ladder, pulls a rope, climbs a hill, and gets stuck in a box all in less than a half an hour. People see him stuggling and offer money. Some don’t. But the man counts on the strangers to help.
Who is the man?

6) A couple get into a car. The car accelarates through darkness, flips, twists, and turns for about three minutes. The couple is shaken but not even scrached.
Where were they and why weren’t they hurt?

7) James and Ursla are in an intese conversation while James is trying to focus on the turning road ahead of him. Without notice a truck rams their 2 seater sports car. The car is totaled with equal damage on each side and James has a broken pelvis and sprained wrist, Ursla is fine and immeditly calls 911 but she cant tell them where the crash was.
Why isn’t Ursla hurt?

8) Hughs bank has just been robbed! 3 miles away John races down the highway with the police following him. Although he has not commited a crime the police follow his every move. He does not pull over even though the police are yelling “Pull Over!”
Why doesn’t John pull over?

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