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Blog No More

I have decided to erase my new blog because it just wasn’t getting a lot of use and it was just too big of a problem.


But check out my new “Why swearing is bad” coming August 2009

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New Story: The Poogue Tale

The Poogue Tale, a revised edition of the previous fable, The Tale of Michael, has just released its first chapter as a separate page. Like David’s Master of the Elements, The Tale of Michael has been dormant for quite a while. I have decided that many more improvements could have been made to the story, including main themes to the story, more character development, and a myriad of plot changes. With all of these new additions, creating a new story would be justified, so I decided to just start over from the beginning, making all of the changes as I go along.

For now, please use the link here to read the story. As you may have noticed, there are currently two duplicates, and one will be removed later. The version with the above link is the one that will be updated.


As a side note, I will no longer be updating The Tale of Michael, but I have kept that story as a page if you ever want to refer to it. However, I would be more than willing to take it off if you want to avoid possible spoilers.

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Chapter 8

HOOOOORAY Dawn of the Lizard Warrior Chapter 8 is now posted and complete! Thank you for your patience.


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sup guys i need a suggestion on my story. so if u want an episode by friday they better be good! well no ones giving me suggestions so looks like an episode in friday looks bleak

Have a nice day

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Book Rating

Can you guys give Dawn of the Lizard Warrior a rating from 1 to 10 on how you like it. 10=great 1=bad. This is just so I can see how you guys like it and determine if I want to keep writing. Just leave the ratings in the comments and I’ll check up on them. The sooner I get the ratings the sooner I’ll start back on the book.

Also, with the rating please tell me why you choose that rating


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Dawn of the Lizard warrior movie

Check it out!

I’m making a movie/slide show about Dawn of the Lizard Warrior. This link will bring you to the preview only because I haven’t gotten the chance to make the movie yet but I am doing so now.

Turn up the volume! There’s sound keldawnpreview

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Update for Dawn of the Lizard Warrior

I am right now in the process of writing Chapter 8 for Dawn of the Lizard Warrior. Once again, sorry for the delay, I have been very busy. click here


Story Delay

I apologize for the long delay of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior. I am working on the next chapter and will get it posted ASAP.

Once again, sorry for the hold up.


Story Updates

A compilation of this month’s recent story news. Of course, our stories are everchanging, which means that this post will be updated when necessary. Check back once in a while to see what’s new.


Poogue Jim (Dawn of the Lizard Warrior)

- (4/11/08) “I am greatly apologetic towards my error in when Dawn of the Lizard Warrior will be posted. My dad accidentaly deleted all of microsoft word and the posting of Chapter 7 will be posted ASAP and that is guarenteed. Once again I am sorry for the delay, thank you for dealing with my mistake.”

- (4/18/08) “Chapter 7 of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior has finally been posted! Thank you for your patience and Chapter 8 will be posted in about 2 or 3 days. (not guaranteed) Enjoy!”


PoogueWee (DSS)

- (4/11/08) “DSS (Dusk of the Second Sun) Chapter 5 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”

- (4/14/08) “DSS Chapter 6 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”

- (4/19/08) “DSS Chapter 7 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”


Poogue Master
- (4/11/08) As you may have noticed already, Poogue: A Biography comes back again as a page. It is now void of all names, for safety concerns. Moreover, more information has been added (of course, it will still be updated now and again). The list of Poogue members at the very bottom is everchanging and will be updated when necessary (activity levels too).

Additionally, The Tale of Michael has all its information on its page. Also in the top paragraph is a group of links concerning Daily Words. I encourage everybody to use daily words in their stories (Daily Buzz words, too).

- (4/18/08) As have been stated in the comments, I am very busy now, what with a promotion, a meet tomorrow, and the bulk of [three] projects. Sorry for the delay of Daily Words; I’ll get to it once I have time.

- (4/27/08) Episode 11 has now been released. Additionally, if you haven’t noticed, I have made minor changes to some of the earlier episodes, so as to incorporate more Daily Words. Speaking of which, hopefully the Daily Words will be back on track. (Don’t expect me to be on daily, though, for reasons stated previously. :) )


Poogue Bob

- (4/11/08) Though not having a story yet, rumors say that this author is cooking up an epic novel. Can that be true?

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Information on Chapter 7 + Story Error

Chapter 7 of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior is still in progress. It will be posted this evening or tomorrow.

Also, if you have read Dawn of the Lizard Warrior by Poogue Jim, you may have noticed a slight error in wording, it is in the first sentence of Chapter 6 reading: As Alex and Zeelon finished thanking supper…; it is now fixed to read: As Alex and Zeelon finished supper.

Sorry for the mistake.


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