“MEN PHALANX!” Thespians! Spartans! Tonight we dine in Hades! cried the bold King, Leonidas. “Dienekes! Round up your men and support the left flank no one breaks through!” Aye! Mi lord, the Persian scum are approaching! LOCK SHIELDS! The Spartans cried “AWOOH! AWOOH! Shield for shield, Dory for Dory, Xiphos for Xiphos. A young Spartan, Astinos struck through the heart with an arrow cries out “Dammit! To hell with u Persian devil!!” Suddenly The came from behind and then I yelled ” My lord! They come from behind!” The great king barks out “Break rank!”
Then in the midst of the chaos our great king fell. Arrows blotted out the sun landed on us. And then we breathed no more.

1 Month Earlier

We Spartans were bred to do nothing but fight. To kill or be killed. We were told that to die for Sparta was the greatest glory and would bring your family great honor. Which reflected in all Spartan mothers. As she handed her son the shield she said to us : ” With it or on it!”

Episode 1
Setting: 4 days before the battle:

“My lord a Messenger comes from the land of Persia.” said the Spartan , Artemis, “Very well! Persian what have you come here for?” The Messenger replies. ” O’ great Emperor of Persia, King of Kings has sent me to offers you the pact of Earth and Water.” Our Great king replies “Keep your Earth And Water to yourself

The Thermopylae Story has been discontinued until further notice.