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New Chapter

There is a new chapter for Master of the Elements.



I just created a new blog.

It only has a slideshow for now.


Story Updates

A compilation of this month’s recent story news. Of course, our stories are everchanging, which means that this post will be updated when necessary. Check back once in a while to see what’s new.


Poogue Jim (Dawn of the Lizard Warrior)

- (4/11/08) “I am greatly apologetic towards my error in when Dawn of the Lizard Warrior will be posted. My dad accidentaly deleted all of microsoft word and the posting of Chapter 7 will be posted ASAP and that is guarenteed. Once again I am sorry for the delay, thank you for dealing with my mistake.”

- (4/18/08) “Chapter 7 of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior has finally been posted! Thank you for your patience and Chapter 8 will be posted in about 2 or 3 days. (not guaranteed) Enjoy!”


PoogueWee (DSS)

- (4/11/08) “DSS (Dusk of the Second Sun) Chapter 5 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”

- (4/14/08) “DSS Chapter 6 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”

- (4/19/08) “DSS Chapter 7 is now readable in a rough draft. Enjoy!”


Poogue Master
- (4/11/08) As you may have noticed already, Poogue: A Biography comes back again as a page. It is now void of all names, for safety concerns. Moreover, more information has been added (of course, it will still be updated now and again). The list of Poogue members at the very bottom is everchanging and will be updated when necessary (activity levels too).

Additionally, The Tale of Michael has all its information on its page. Also in the top paragraph is a group of links concerning Daily Words. I encourage everybody to use daily words in their stories (Daily Buzz words, too).

- (4/18/08) As have been stated in the comments, I am very busy now, what with a promotion, a meet tomorrow, and the bulk of [three] projects. Sorry for the delay of Daily Words; I’ll get to it once I have time.

- (4/27/08) Episode 11 has now been released. Additionally, if you haven’t noticed, I have made minor changes to some of the earlier episodes, so as to incorporate more Daily Words. Speaking of which, hopefully the Daily Words will be back on track. (Don’t expect me to be on daily, though, for reasons stated previously. :) )


Poogue Bob

- (4/11/08) Though not having a story yet, rumors say that this author is cooking up an epic novel. Can that be true?

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I looked up on Google for emoticons in WordPress, and I went to the WordPress site.

1 :smile:
2 :grin:
3 :sad:
4 :eek:
5 :shock:
6 :?
7 :cool:
8 :mad:
9 :razz:
10 :neutral:
11 :wink:
S1 :lol:
S2 :oops:
S3 :cry:
S4 :evil:
S5 :twisted:
S6 :roll:
S7 :!:
S8 :? :
S9 :idea:
S10 :arrow:
S11 :mrgreen:

They go like this.
NOTE: Ones like this [: smile:] are not supposed to have spaces between the word and the colon.
NOTE: Ones like this [: )] are not supposed to have spaces between the the parentheses and mouth.

1 : smile :
2 : grin :
3 : sad:
4 : eek:
5 : shock:
6 : ?
7 : cool:
8 : mad:
9 : razz:
10 : neutral:
11 : wink:
S1 : lol:
S2 : oops:
S3 : cry:
S4 : evil:
S5 : twisted:
S6 : roll:
S7 : !:
S8 : ?:
S9 : idea:
S10 : arrow:
S11 : mrgreen:


Olympic Torch Relay

We are taking a day off and going to San Francisco today to celebrate and support the Olympic Torch Relay. We hope the process will be peaceful and goodwill as what the Spirit of Olympic means. But from recent noise in Europe and US, regrettably, we are very disturbed by the evil-minded few. We are proud of China and proud of being Chinese. We call for peace, justice and fairness. We will continue to progress toward a beautiful tomorrow even there is obstacle. United and we are strong!


[4/10/2008] The route of torch relay was changed due to security concerns, as large crowds, both protesters, supporters and by-watchers, gathered along the planned route. So it was disappointing that most people did not see the torch and cheer for the moment.
The torch went through another route, crossing city center of San Francisco, and below the Golden Gate bridge, and safely reached the closing ceremony at SFO. So in a sense, it is good to see that it prevented those Tibetan (the few who are seeking to break away from China) from attacking the sacred Olympic torch.
We went back and forth between the ferry building (the planned closing ceremony site) and AT&T park (which is close to the opening ceremony site of McCovey cove). We confronted with some protesters, debated with them. It is a shame that those protesters would attack torchbearers and block the relay if they ever got the chance. Also it is shame that they uses “freedom,democracy” as a cover for their effort of seeking independence, and so to gain sympathy from American public who do not know much about the history, the region, and the reality of Tibet.
We respect human rights, and support the basic principle of peace, justice and freedom. We do not support that Olympic event, which is a sport event promoting goodwill and fairplay, being used by protesters as political event to attack China. Violence has no place in the play.
We wish the torch relay will go on smoothly in other remaining cities, and the Olympic games will be very successfully in Beijing.
Welcome all our friends to Beijing Olympic and have good time; welcome all our foes to Beijing Olympic to realize that goodwill is prevailing; and welcome all people to enjoy the event and experience the changes and improvements China are going through. Drop the prejudice and stereotype about China, and embrace the all new, modern, open and free China.

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Super English Riddles!

#1: What are the two longest words that can be played on a musical instrument i.e. only consists of the letters A,B,C,D,E,F, and G?

#2: What is the longest word with the letters in alphabetical order?
A_ _I_ _P_

#3: What is the only word with one syllable and six consonants in a row?

More coming soon!

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Information on Chapter 7 + Story Error

Chapter 7 of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior is still in progress. It will be posted this evening or tomorrow.

Also, if you have read Dawn of the Lizard Warrior by Poogue Jim, you may have noticed a slight error in wording, it is in the first sentence of Chapter 6 reading: As Alex and Zeelon finished thanking supper…; it is now fixed to read: As Alex and Zeelon finished supper.

Sorry for the mistake.


I’m Back from Hawaii

Just so you guys know, I got back at 6:56 a.m. I need sleep though. See ya!

Dusk of the Second Sun chapter 4 is now open as a rough draft. I think all of them will be rough drafts. Enjoy!

I added an extra sentence in Dusk of the Second Sun. It appears after the fight against the ShiWolfe, right after he summons the Aureus Virga.

It’s, I guess, pretty important.

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Master of the Elements

Master of the Elements can be seen here

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Come see the new DAILY BUZZ here.

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