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Poogue Online News (Entry 4)

Health: 20
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 3-8 Earth
Ability: Stone Armor (P) – Reduces your damage by 3
Notes: Rockslugs regenerate its health by 1 every turn.

Health: 21
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 0-6 Wind (Ranged 1-4)
Notes: There is a 10% chance that the victim of the attack will turn frozen for about 8 seconds.

Mutated Rat:
Health: 10
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 0-4 Physical
Special attack: Tail Whack (O) – Double attack
Tail Whack damage: 1-3(2)
Notes: None

Bomb Scout:
Health: 25
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 5-10 Fire (Ranged 2-4)
Notes: Bomb Scouts regenerate its health by 6 every 4 turns.
More notes: When killed, bomb scouts explode, dealing 14 Fire damage to anybody within a 1 square radius.


Poogue Online News (Entry 3)

S+0 / D+0 / A+3 / W+0 / M+1 / H+0
Type: Equipment [U]2
Description: Coffee is a great energy booster to go. It makes you more hyperactive.

Pitfall Net:
S–5 / D–0 / A–1 / W–0 / M–0 / H–8
Type: Trap [U]1 [A]5 [St]1
Description: The classic pitfall net is placed over a large hole, which hurried enemies fall into. Enemies caught inside spend quite a lot of time trying to climb back out.

S–5 / D–5 / A–0 / W–3 / M–1 / H–0
Type: Magic [U]1
Description: A confuse spell strikes an enemy dumb; they have no idea which way they’re going, basically confused.


Riddles and Astronomy

1. Which weighs more, a ton of anvils, or a ton of feathers?
2. I have a head(s), a tail(s), no body and no ridges. I am not an animal. What am I?
3. If a tree falls down, but no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?
4. How many constellations are listed below?
Mizar, Lyra, Altair, Cygnus , Deneb, Arcturus, Aquila, Cassiopeia, Coroni, Corona Borealis, Bootes, Buttes, Enif, Auriga
5. Sometimes when you see a crescent moon, you can also see a faint black outline of the rest of the moon. What is that called?
———————Recent Additions—————————————
Question #6: Which statement is correct?
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.
Question #7: The goal is to get from the top word to the bottom word. On every line you are only allowed to change one letter; you cannot add letters or take them off.

Start: BALL
1) _ _ _ _
2) _ _ _ _
3) _ _ _ _
Finish: MEAT
Question #8: You are on a simple game show. There are three doors in front of you; two of them hide goats, and one of them hides a car.

The host says, “Annoying contestant, Which door do you want to choose?”
You reply, “Door #1!”
The host says, “Please show the dumb contestant what is behind Door #2.” Behind Door #2 is a goat. The host continues, “As totally obvious that this lame guy should know, Now we know that there is just a goat and a car left behind the two doors. Here comes a critical decision for our loser: Do you want to switch your door to Door #3?”
You mutter, “Uhh…”
The host says, “I am so totally not sorry about your problems. Please hurry up before I start to lose my mind.

What is the percentage that you will win the car if you switch?

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Poogue Online News (Entry 2)

S=5 / D=0 / A=5 / W=0 / M=4 / H=10
Type: Monster (C)
Description: A rat is one of the weakest monsters. They are quick and fast-moving, though, and are often used as distractions of sacrifices.

S+1 / D+0 / A=0 / W=0 / M=0 / H=5
Type: Healing [U]1
Description: A sticky bandage may be what you need to heal a minor scratch, and to get yourself ready for another battle. These are the most commonly used healing items because they are cheap and easy to obtain.


Venus Flytrap:
Health: 6
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 1(2) Nature (Ranged 1-2)
Notes: Venus Flytraps cannot move.

Mutated Flytrap:
Health: 18
Attack Type: Melee/Ranged
Bite damage: 2(2) Nature (Ranged 1-2)
Thorns damage: 1-5 Nature (Ranged 2-5)
Notes: Mutated Flytraps cannot move.


Poogue Online News (Entry 1)

Welcome to the 1st edition of Poogue Online News. Over here we will notify blog users about any recent Poogue News.

Online TCG

New monsters and items that will be part of the Poogue Online games will be listed here. You can get new monsters by buying it from a card store and bringing it to life with your Poogue Online Transfer Machine. Let’s begin with an overview of skills, types of cards, and notes.

Objective: Beat opponent by using your cards to get opponent’s health down to 0.

6 Factors:
Health - Endurance {H}
Strength - Dealing damage {S}
Defense - Blocking damage {D}
Agility - Evading traps {A}
Wisdom - Using magic {W}
Movement - Moving to an area; retreating {M}

  • Each player starts with 3000 health.
  • Every 4 Wisdom Levels = Magic ability
  • Your Strength - Enemy Defense * 50 = Enemy’s Loss of Health

Combat Styles:
(C)= Close-Ranged (Melee)
(R)= Ranged
(M)= Magic
(P)= Poison

Item and Trap Styles:
[U]= Usage
[W]= Wisdom Level (for traps)
[E]= Equip
[R]= Range
[St]= Stun

Special Abilities:
{F}= Fly
{S}= Swim
{P}= Paralyze
{R}= Regeneration


Monster: These cards are used to inflict damage to your opponent, and to block enemy attacks. They are the base of the card chain.
Equipment: These cards give bonuses to monster stats. Some have other special effects.
Magic: These cards do something to you, your opponent, and the field. After use, discard. Some exceptions.
Trap: These cards trap opponents [stunning them] , unless the opponent’s monster has the required agility level. Some exceptions.
Poogue: These cards are the same as monster cards, but they are rarer and they have magic ability{ies}.
Experienced Monster: To change monsters experienced, place the card over them. Monsters will change names and get stats changed.
Healing: These cards heal another card’s health, making it last longer.
Newbie Poogue:
S=10 / D=0 / A=3 / W=1 / M=3 / H=18
Type= Poogue (C)
Special Ability: 1)Backflip (+2 Agility next turn) (Every 3 Turns)
Description: A new person to the Poogue world. They have no experience and have no equipment whatsoever.

Basic Poogue:
S=15 / D=8 / A=4 / W=3 / M=3 / H=26
Type= Poogue (C)
Special Ability: 1) Power Slash (20 unblocable damage) (Every 6 turns)
Description: This is a basic Poogue that has been trained for about three weeks. They have some experience and are equipped with a wooden shield and sword.


Health: 1
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 0-1 Wind (Ranged 1-1)
Notes: None

Health: 2
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 0-1 Physical
Notes: None

Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 1(1)
Notes: The spider’s poison damage will always do 1 damage, unless the attack misses, in which no damage will be dealt.

Health: 6
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 0-2 Physical
Notes: None