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Exploratorium is a really fun science museum. I went there with my family, my cousin and his mom and myself. We first went to check in and we got some stickers from the check in place. Then we went to this sand thing. There’s a lot of obstacles in the sand thing. It’s on a piece of metal with glass on it. The outside is shaped like a circle. It’s basically a glass circle and a metal circle with little obstacles the same shape with sand inside the circles. You have to turn it slowly and it sort of makes you dizzy. Next we went to this water drop pictures things. A water drop would drop and a picture would be taken. You would have to time it in milliseconds. There was this little window and you would stick your head in and then your picture would take a picture with you in it :mrgreen: . The coolest one was the one where you had to make a tornado. You would have to walk around in circles in the same pace and then you would make a tornado. I did it but a little girl got in the way so I came off. Then what I remember we went to this thing where there were shadows of cyan, magenta, and yellow. You could dance around with 3 different colored shadows. Then we saw this thing where there were 2 things across the room. You could talk in a normal voice and the person across you would hear the thing that you were saying. It was awesome. Then we came across a thing where there were blocks and if you took off the top one then all of the ones would fall down. We did that and made it back again. It was time for lunch after that. I ate salad. I couldn’t eat meat because I planned to be a vegetarian for one week :lol: .Then we went to this thing where there were bubbles and you could make them with your fingers. There was also a big circle wand thing and you could blow giant bubbles. Then there was a hall of pictures of stuff in slow motion or something. At the end, we didn’t get to go upstairs because Exploratorium was closing :cry: . At least we finished the one where you have your left and right picture of your face taken and the left picture gets mirrored and you put them together to make your face. You do that with your right part, too. Then you decide which one looks better.
Fun fact: The curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 5, same as my brother’s birthday :cool: !!
By Emily Xie :idea:


Poems from the Yellowstone trip

清平乐-黄石初记 (2012.7.20)

驱驾千里寻欢,跋涉几许河山。 泉喷流彩霓焕,竟是细菌作怪。(吸入满腹硫酸。。哈)

君宇批注, 最后一句斗胆换上:

君宇和打油诗一首,记旅途乐事 (2012.7.24)

可以听iphone, 看非诚,

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Yellowstone Trip

Going to Yellowstone has been really fun! I went with my family, Jade and Crystal’s family, and Jenny’s family. We first arrived at Utah, and stayed at a hotel. Then we went to another state, but I don’t remember which. The next day the group went to Grand Teton and hiked. It wasn’t tiring but Jade and Crystal were really tired. I wished I could still hike with them :cry: . We saw a lot of chipmunks and this really cute marmot :wink: .
Now comes the story of YELLOWSTONE!!!

On the first day, I went to see a lot of geysers. You have to stay on the sidewalk or else the acid will probably burn you in the geysers. Ouch :evil: ! We saw some geysers erupt. This one geyser called the old faithful erupts about every 15 minutes. My favorite geyser was the morning glory or beauty pool :lol: . The color was the heat of the geysers. Brown was the coolest, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally clear. We saw a lot more geysers but I forgot the names. I remember at one geyser there was a rainbow over only my shadow :mrgreen: . Yay!

We just drove to see geysers again, but on the way we saw a grassy field and decided to play in it. In the end, a lot of people got muddy but I didn’t. We stopped a lot of times to see the bison. They were walking around eating the grass. The baby bison reminded me of Jenny’s dog, Terry. You have to stay 25 yards away from bison and 100 yards away from bears. But the bison were awesome. They were brown and had these mustache things :cool: .

Sorry, I don’t remember what happens after. My mind is blank. I looked at my information sheet (aka the thing so I can remember what happened at yellowstone) . I can’t think of anything. The only thing I remember is us seeing a grizzly or black bear and going to this waterfall. I’m sorry for this inconvenience :twisted: .

Oh, yay! Here are some pictures of me and my friends at Yellowstone or Grand Teton.

This is my brother and my friends and I at Yellowstone.

These are geysers. They are Beauty Pool and Morning Glory. The geysers look alike, but they are different. They are both highly acidic.

I’m getting some of my memory back. While we were at Grand Teton, we had to go to on this boat thing across JENNY lake. Funny, huh? Because Jenny was riding across Jenny lake. That’s when we arrived and hiked on Grand Teton. My brother started naming stuff like this: He named a tree “tree of David Cosmos” even though his name was David Xie. He named a sparkly white rock “The Rock of Clouds” and a sparkly black rock “Alien Rock.” Soon we climbed on rocks that were red. It was easy to get up but hard to come down. But I finally came down from the rocks because I really wanted to go see other stuff. We soon hiked more and came to a lake to rest. The water was really cold.

We see some deer near a waterfall place :smile: .

The waterfall place had this little island in the middle. You had to balance on some fallen trees to get to the small island. I went there with some of my friends. On the way back I accidentally dipped my shoe in the water and my socks were soaked. Noooo :!:

You should go to Yellowstone. There’s a lot of animals and the cabins are nice. I think Yellowstone is a very awesome and natural place. I like how they protect bears, bison, and a lot more animals. The geysers are very pretty (even if they smell like rotten eggs). On the next vacation you should tell someone to go with you to Yellowstone.

By Emily Xie :mrgreen: