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Fishing at Daybreak Camp

So on the first whole day…
I have to tell you, I’m not good at all considering last year all I got was a bunch of seaweed.
So on the car, we were driving to the lake and I thought that if I reeled in too quickly, no fishes wanted to catch fast worms. This year I was patient and reeled in slowly and was a lot better at throwing the fishing line.
I basically fished until I felt a tug, and YAY! The first time attempting this year, I got a fish.
After that I tried again, but no luck. Suddenly, on the third try, I felt a strong tug. It must’ve been a big fish, because when I reeled in, the rod started to make a really strange noise. After a while, a big fish came up, but sadly it wasn’t the biggest fish. Emilee from cabin 1 got the biggest fish. my name is Emily. I think I got the second biggest fish. MUA HA HA!
Emily caught a big fish!

I tried again, but it was stuck. I reeled in , but the weird noises started again. In the end, a woman said” you either caught the biggest fish in the lake, or super strong seaweed,” and cut the fishing line. I got a new one and had no luck.

Maybe the 1st rod is magical. I tried it then it broke. Am I not worthy of becoming it’s master?
DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! (dramatic music)

By Emily, not Emilee :mrgreen: