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Fear vs Phobia

Recently, in Suzanne Masella’s Healthy, Wealthy, and Whys book, there was a section about Phobias. It listed a few kinds of phobias and what it’s like.

1. Arachnophobia “fear of spiders”
2. Alektorophobia “fear of chickens”
3. Bibliophobia “fear of books”
4. Couldrophobia “fear of clowns”
5. Dendrophobia “fear of trees”
6. Euphobia “fear of hearing good news”
7. Homichlophobia “fear of fog”
8. Kosmikophobia “fear of cosmic phenomenon”
9. Lutraphobia “fear of otters”
10. Novercaphobia “fear of your stepmother”
11. Radinaphobia “fear of frogs”
12. Textophobia “fear of certain fabrics”
13. Verbophobia “fear of words”



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