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Trip To Windsor

For Thanksgiving, our friends and family went to a resort in Windsor (near Santa Rosa) for a couple days. We visited the Charles M. Schulz, marveled at the Sonoma Coast Beach, one of the deadliest in USA, and hiked around the Russian River.Here are some pics:

Our Family
Our Family at lake side along a trail

Me & Emily
My Sister & I by the River

The Kids
The Kids on the Hike

What's That?
What’s That?

Another Beautiful Reflection
Reflection II

Crossing the Secret Bridge
The Bridge to Our secret Island

At the Beach!
Finally at the Beach! Lots of birds play with people.

Be Careful!
Be Careful, It’s dangerous! The waves at Bodega Bay.

Snoopy& Friends
At the Peanuts Charles M. Schulz Museum

Look at That!
Look At That!

A Peanuts Mural
This picture was made completely of small pictures from Snoopy comic books, all pieced together! Tens of thousands pieces!

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CACC Speech Contest Entry-3rd Place

I entered in the CACC (Chinese American Cooperation Council) Chinese school first annual Speech Contest. I performed this speech in front of the Chinese teachers, and I got a 3rd place. The thing that really brought me down was the time. It had to be from 3 min. to 4 min., but I was so excited and nervous that I started to speak quite quickly and got a 2 min. 40 sec. :( But I still did a wonderful job in writing with some help from my parents, in my opinion.

我参加了CACC 中文学校的演讲比赛。我在老师前面读了我的演讲,拿了三等奖。 最大的问题就是时间。 本来演讲要是从三分钟到四分钟的, 但是我很着急, 也终于讲熟了, 我就说了很快,讲了两份四十秒。 :( 我还是觉得自己写的很好,当然有我的爸爸妈妈的帮助了。


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