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After a long dark night, a glimpse of twilight finally breaks through along the horizon. You can feel the hope and good-will in the fresh air, leaving the fears and depression aside (hopefully leaving them behind).

It is a day of witnessing history, a day to be remembered, a day of starting a new generation. Going forward with bravery and humility.


Ski trip

We spent a week during New Year time in Reno/Tahoe/Truckee area, went skiing everyday. Emily is a very fast skier that David has hard time to catch up her. Junyu can ski any green lines too.

Emily took her ski lesson
Emily took her ski lesson at Boreal. She learned very fast, and pass one level every day. She can now run down “steep” green line quite well.

Sunny day
It was a sunny day to hit the slope.

snow storm day
Yet another day, it was snow-storm with wild wind howling the mountains. It felt like in Alaska or North Pole, and the sandy snow seemed to cut through our faces. This photo shows a snow-storm is just starting to come in. But we still continued to ski for that day, and it felt very special. We had to put “chain” to drive down Mt. Rose.

Everyone, except David and Yuhua, on this photo was beginners. After a couple of days, everyone can ski down the green lines easily.


Congurations to Dr. Junyu Mai

After 4.5 year study at UC Berkeley/UCSF, Junyu graduated from her Ph.D program in Bioengineering, officially on Dec 19, 2008.