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ps:This “篆刻” was found on the net.I like it very much.I just can’t translate it into English.Maybe I can get help from here : )

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Vampire Costume

by Junyu Mai

Aric is no longer interested in cartoon costumes, so this year he chose a really scary one – a vampire costume. When he was walking on the street with his friends for trick or treat, he noticed someone wearing the same kind of costume walking past him. That kid is a little shorter than Aric, jump over the step stones, waving a purple light stick. Aric is not very happy to see he is wearing the same thing as somebody else. But, what can you do, the store is selling hundreds of them. And many people just have the same favorites.

As Aric was thinking, the boy suddenly fell down and his purple light stick was crashed. Aric went up to help him stand up.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes. But my light stick…” The boy was almost crying.

“Don’t worry. If you like, you can have mine. It’s orange color though.” Aric felt he instantly grew up a lot more.

“Oh, thank you so much!”

“You are very welcome!”

Aric quickly caught up with his friends and they visited the houses on the street one by one and got lots of candies. Strangely, that boy followed them all the way.

At the end of the street, behind a huge oak tree, there was a dark house with only a dim light at the porch. A basket of candies was outside the door. Apparently nobody was inside. When Aric was just about to pick a candy from the basket, the door opened by itself. It was totally dark inside.

The boy following Aric quietly entered. Aric could only see his orange light stick glowing.

“Come on in!”

The moment Aric stepped inside, the door shut closed. All of a sudden, he realized that the house was actually full of light and color. The living room was two-story tall, filled with all different kind of toys from the floor to the ceiling. There were robots walking on the floor, airplane models flying in the air, and fishes and crabs blowing bubbles inside a huge tank.

“This is my home. Would you like to stay for a while?”


The boy began to show Aric how to play all those fancy toys. Aric was amazed.

Feeling a little bit warm, Aric took off his mask.

“Why don’t you take off your mask too?” Aric asked.

“I like it this way better. You know it is Halloween…”

Aric turned his head to the troop of automatic hotwheel cars jumping through a waterfall and didn’t pay attention to the boy’s words.

Aric tried all the toys and suddenly realized it was getting late. Fortunately, when he left the boy’s house, his friends were still waiting for him outside. Aric tried to tell his friends what a wonderful time he had, nobody believed him because,

“You had only been inside for a minute!”


The next morning, Aric couldn’t stop thinking about that boy and his toy house. Who is he? He must be in the same school as me. Maybe we can play again. So Aric asked his Mom to take him to the boy’s home.

To Aric’s surprise, that was a shabby one-story house. When an old woman answered the door, he could see nothing special in the living room. After Aric’s Mom explained their purpose, the old woman looked puzzled,

“Are you sure it is this house? Only me and my old husband are living here.”


On the way back home, as Aric was thinking about every toy he played last night, the boy’s voice flashed back together with the hotwheel cars,

“You know it is Halloween, my favorite holiday. It’s the only day I don’t need to wear any costume.”

- the End -

October 26, 2006


The horse that had to be sold.

“Oh, please don’t be sold,” June cried, I love you!” She was crying to Beauty, a horse. But the next day, Beauty had to be sold. Beauty didn’t want to and whinnied but somebody bought her. June’s father said that the buyer was mysterious. June cried until there was quite a big puddle of her tears. She stared into it. Something was different. She blinked. Her reflection was gone. June looked around. She almost fainted when she saw her reflection standing next to her. “You want your horse, do you?” asked her reflection. “She’s in the house.”
What house? June thought. She looked in front of her. An abandoned house, about eight hundred years old, stood in front of her. A black cat rubbed around her knees. She moved her hand and accidentally knocked over salt. She was forced to walk under a ladder. Something was telling her not to go in.
But she did go, and surely, there was bad luck. She slipped on a banana peel and fell into a trap. She knew that the horse had fallen in also because Beauty was fighting an army of skeletons. June tried to help but her legs were glued. June squirmed and squirmed and she finally got free. They fought and fought, but it was almost impossible to defeat those skeletons. They finally destroyed the army. A friendly vamp came in and helped us out. He changed into a giant bat to bring them out. “Thank you very much,” June said. “Goodbye” He shouted after June and Beauty, for he was leaving. June’s reflection arrived when she came out. “Did you buy the horse?” June asked. Her reflection nodded yes. “Good-bye” said her reflection. June and Beauty were reunited at last.

- By David Xie and Richard Stone


The First Vampire

In an evening, a boy was reading a book to his dog. “Once upon a time,” he started,

“A boy called Lleiven Tonsharr had gone out to a mysterious house for trick-or-treating. He slowly walked up the door. ‘KNOCK, KNOCK!’ An echo bounced around the inside of the house. The door slowly creaked open. ‘Commme innn, Lleiven Tonsharr!’ a voice wailed. ‘H-h-ow d-do you know my name?’ He stammered. ‘Commme innn!!’ Exasperating, he slowly walked in. BAMM! The door slammed shut. ‘Helllllp!’ He cried. He tried to open the door, but no matter how hard he tried, the door wouldn’t budge.

Frightened and lonely, he sat on a couch and cried. ‘You’re not scared, are you?’ A queer voice questioned. Lleiven looked up. A girl, about twelve, was staring at him. ‘This will help you’ She handed him a paper, encoded in strange words. ‘Elnqo Ynmux Cwopc Fwzsz Ygatz’ ‘Huh?’ ‘You’d better run,’ she said, ‘or something might happen to you. By the way, I am one of the most powerful creatures in this mansion. I’ll be following you, just in case.’ This didn’t make sense to him at all. Suddenly, the girl mysteriously disappeared.

While he was studying the page, a gruesome laugh sent shivers up his spine. Slowly, he looked up. This message probably means to go up the stairs, he thought, there might be an exit. Very slowly, he walked up. Lleiven was mesmerized by the strange voice. “ Come, my child, and get ready to see your fate!!”

It was a dreadful laugh, unearthly, hideous, and repulsive. It terrorized him, cackling and grotesque.

He soon saw what was making the noise. A cursed epitaph, titled “THE VOODOO GUIDE TO REIHIEDEIS” was speaking into an intercom. The book was opened at a bizarre angle. Next to the book was the girl. She snapped her fingers.

Suddenly, a coffin swept over him. Another code was above him, shining. ‘Gcibn Tjjvu Giupa Kfbnz’. Lleiven thought and thought, not knowing that it read, ‘Free the ghost of Lor.’

‘ CREATE A CHART IN YOUR MIND,’ the book said. Lleiven thought of this:

‘Gtgkcjifijuvbvpnnuaz’, He whispered.
Lleiven remembered that his birthday was 12/26/92, ‘Hmm… G-1=F, T-2=R’
After a few minutes of continuous cackling from the book and thinking from Lleiven, he shouted, ‘FREE THE GHOST OF LOR!’

The lid flew off, and Lleiven was free. A piece of paper drifted on to his head. ‘The ghost of Lor is a prisoner of the skeletonys people. They are not skeletons. They carry swords, daggers, guns, shields, et cetera. They are located in the east room’s lobby. The ghost is kept in a cage in the east room’s kitchen.’ It read. Lleiven looked over the page and noticed a page from the book flapping wildly because of the stretch of the spine. It ripped off, and floated above Lleiven’s head. He grabbed it, and it was the map of the house. Soon, he found that he was in the west room’s bathroom. In half a bat minute, he got to the east room’s lobby. The girl followed him. Then, he saw a skeletonys. It was a bloodthirsty, slime oozing, foul creature. It had an eagle head; ten arms, each holding a weapon. It had countless tentacles for legs and stunk badly. Lleiven noticed that someone had tried to behead him, but failed, for he had a cut in his neck. Another slid into view, even bigger and smellier than the first. Lleiven spotted a shield and picked it up. Immediately, they began to fight. After a lot of dodging, hitting, running, slashing, ‘Ow!’ing, and ‘oh no!’ing, Lleiven prevailed. He found the key from the skeletonys’ belt and freed the ghost of Lor from the cage.

‘A wise decision!’ The ghost said. But the ghost was not what it seemed. The girl’s soul got sucked into the ghost. It turned to a great size, thundering with every word it said. The ghost cursed Lleiven, and he became the first vampire. The End”

Finished the boy. He patted on the dog, then turned off the light and went to sleep.

The next day, he was late to school. He came in the classroom when Mrs. Schouenbergen was taking roll.
“Marley Reghetti?”
”Marta Lovelace?”
“Lleiven Tonsharr?”

- By David Xie, 2006.10.20









ps: This little essay was wrote before the summer vacacation.And not long ago I found a new place for keeping my own writings.
It’s just not easy for entering this web site.

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Illustrated Computer Technology Terms

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