The Markaenian Zodiac

369000000963696396963 marears ago, years passed by randomly. 写到唯, the ruler, wanted to get the years “ordered”. He would choose animals. Every animal wanted to be in the zodiac, and he didn’t know which to choose! He only wanted 13 in the zodiac, at most. he thought and he thought. Finally, he got an idea. He would have a race to cross the Marcific Ocean. They could go in air, water surface, or in water. There were rules, though. Every single animal boasted that they could be in the zodiac. “Nu olude teer de jhoulou. I could beat the nyuku.” Said A urinvalinoc. “Jhv! Nu~ll teer kou! Ha! I’ll beat you!” Shouted a pqueramon. “Nu~p rhvpru dajh llnur wmeer! I’m faster than light speed!” Yelled a bawk. The ruler was very angry. He shouted,” Khep uvp wlll tee jhellde deouho. This race will be held tommorow.” Vr?!”"oueewm” said 写到唯. “You must exersize TODAY AND TOMOROW MORNING.That’s it!”" Vr?!”The markaenians said again. “Nu oudle jur thvr. I could not do that.” said a roquera. The next day, at 8:901:970A.M.M, the race started. They all swam as fast as they could. While the kukukokuko was sitting on the urinvalinoc’s back, Mr. kukukokuko easily got first. The urinvalinoc didn’t see the little bawk flying above him, so the urinvalinoc got third and the bawk got second. Just as the one after the urinvalinoc, the nyuku, up popped the pqueramon and got fourth. The nyuku was still struggling when pqpquoerong, gooslinsoand, and roquera passed him. After the 3 passed him he was 8th.They quickly got to the charts. One by one, the markaenians came. Some swam, some flied, and some jumped. Here’s the list:

1.kukukokuko Rode
2.bawk Flew
3.urinvalinoc Swam
4.pqueramon Dug
5.pqpquoerong Flew
6.gooslinsoand Rode
7.roquera Jumped
8.nyuku Paddled
9.kilolpqueran Flew
10.rumoxuezing Swam
11.pweppeerotmvjd Flew-Swam
12.uioaecbfrg Paddled
13.jin金jin金jin Jumped-Almost drowned, waves washed

David Xie, 2006.02.18

The End