The Adventure of Mr. Stickman

By DaPoogueBomb
One day Mr. Stickman was in his house as he waited for the mail. Mr. Stickman was pretty normal except for the fact that he was a stick figure and he had a secret. He was actully a retired secret agent. He had gotten his mail and noticed he received a letter with the words TOP SECRET DO NOT READ UNLESS YOUR NAME IS MR. STICKMAN!!!!!!
Oh no! He thought. He ripped it open this was what the letter said:
Mr. Stickman,
We need your help! Just last week we found out that a group of cow lovers is being held hostage in a farm near England. We need your help! The farm is protected by high level security including a Kung Fu master! We know you’re retired but no agent is trained enough to go. If you accept, please go on to and press the giant button with the banana on it.
Best of Luck,
The team.
Reluctantly he went on the site and pressed the Giant button with the banana on it.