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Happy New Year 2008!

We just got back from a ski trip to Lake Tahoe this evening, a couple minutes before 9:00PM when the new year count down happened in Time Square. The ski at Heavenly was great, and Emily also enjoyed her ski lesson and “graduated” to go on green line.

As a family tradition, we made our 2007-2008 news letter at
. You are welcome to check it out.

Wish everyone a happy and successful 2008!


Itza more Riddles!


#1 Prove this:

1) Take a 3-digit #, e.g. 135
2) Write it twice to create a 6-digit #, e.g.135135
3) Divide by 7,
4) Divide by 11,
5) Divide by 13,
6) And it’s the original #!!!


One who makes it tells it not.
One who takes it knows it not.
One who knows it wants it not.
One who knows the answer is stupid not.


Put more riddles as you learn them!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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Introducing “Touch and Talk Pen”

One of our classmates at Tsinghua University has invented “Touch and Talk Pen” (TTPen), and produced a series of educational materials (for learning Chinese and English). The TTPen incorporated an optical sensor which can recognize the characters and text in the books, and can speak the word, sing songs and engage children for an interactive play, just with the TTPen and TTPen-enabled books (which has special pattern dots in the background of pages).

The TTPen has been a huge success in China and is being used widely in school. For the first time we have make the TTPen and books available in North American. You may check out at our website:


Poogue Online News (Entry 5)

Some of the elemental monsters:

Health: 100
Attack Type: Ranged
Smoke damage: 0-12 Wind (Ranged 1-5) (Double attack)
Special attack: Sonic Tackle (O)
Sonic Tackle damage: 0-22 Wind, 0-10, 8 Wind
Ability: Float (P) – Immune to melee
Notes: Fluffers resemble wind and speed.

Health: 130
Attack Type: Ranged
Energy Wave damage: 0-3 Energy, 0-3 Water (Ranged 1-4)
Special attack: Retribution (O)
Retribution damage: Last hit taken *1.5 Water, rounded up
Ability: Bubble Screen (P) – Immune to melee and ranged
Notes: Bluters resemble water and health.
More notes: Bluters regenerate its health by 2 every turn.

Health: 100
Attack Type: Melee
Log roll damage: 8-12 Earth (Ranged 1-3)
Special attack: Chomping roots (O)
Chomping roots damage: 5-15 Earth, 2(3) (Ranged 1-5)
Ability: Absorbent Bark (Every 5 Attacks) – Invincible for the next 5 seconds, if you attack, temporary –3 strength levels.
Notes: Treants resemble earth and balance.
More notes: Treants regenerate its health by 1 every turn.