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Poogue Updates

Our first honorary award of Poogue history goes to…

Azim, who helped make and hand out the first official Poogue magazine that was eight pages long. The original copy is still here, but in a worse condition, with lots of news about raising your Poogue, facts about monsters, drawings of the week, store catalogs, amulets, pottery, basic magic, a pharmacy, and two stories - one written and another a cartoon.

Also, our first wellness tip is:
Set up a routine by going to bed at the same time every school night.

~Poogue Master


Happy Easter!

Things are becoming slightly worse in April, raining 7 out of 15 days, .466666666 continuing. Anyways, we wish you all a happy Easter!

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The Oakland Zoo

Ringg! Ringg! Mom picked up the phone. “Hello?” my mom asked. “Hi! This is David’s dad! We’re coming to your house in 15 minutes to the Oakland Zoo in Knowland Park!”
This was the beginning of my great day.
I woke up and didn’t have any time at all to brush my teeth. I rushed downstairs and ate my breakfast as fast as I could. I finished and waited. And waited. They were late! I rushed upstairs and washed my mouth. Ding Dong! The doorbell sounded. They came! I got my coat and said Goodbye. I hopped into the car and we drove off.
While on the car, Dave* and I got bored. So we got out Dave’s Yu-Gi-Oh cards and dueled. Hey! Wait a sec. We didn’t have a flat surface! Dave got an idea to put my The Ultimate Adventure as the board. Dave’s idea didn’t really work. Since we were on the freeway, the car shook like crazy and the cards slid around. Since The Ultimate Adventure is a book, we just slid them into the book. Vroom! Vroom! We finally got there.
We found a space in the parking lot after like, 1-2 minutes. We walked in and Dave’s mom bought the tickets. Right across the ticket-buying place, there were flamingos and white spoonbills. When we were almost going to leave the flamingo exhibit, 2 ducks flew in. We tried shooing them away, but we were too far. We made loud noises, but only the spoonbills and flamingos heard us. We finally gave up and left. We turned left and saw deer. None had antlers. Probably the males were young, or they were all females, OR the males’ antlers shedded. We got bored and went to the tiger exhibit. Guess what? Only two tigers were there! Dave got the camera and took a picture of a tiger. Then, I spotted a white tiger! It was hiding in a cave. Dave’s mom told us to go on. We continued down until there was a monkey going through a pile of hay. Dave also got a picture of that and went down.
There was the children’s zoo! When you first look at it, it looks like a park. But actually, it was also a zoo. There were turtles and tortoises. They all moved very slowly, despite their large shells. We looked up and there were ring-tailed lemurs. We told Dave’s mom that we were going to go to the lemurs and we ran. Up the stairs, past the frogs and on the sidewalk. We went to the ring tailed lemurs and saw them leaping. We waited for Dave’s parents but they weren’t there so we went to the bats section. We went into the room. There, in a jumbo cage, there were 29 bats. 2 of them were spreading their wings, 2 were “fighting” upside down, and the rest were upside down, wings closed. Then I said “probably your mom is at the lemur exhibit already!” We raced up the stairs and got to the lemurs. Fortunately, the lemurs were still swinging from branch to branch. Unfortunately, Dave’s mom wasn’t there. So we waited. I tricked Dave at thinking that I saw his mom. (Well, I wanted something to do!) Miraculously, I was actually pointing to his mom!
His parents came. We told them about the bats and Susan** wanted to go there. We told her where to go and she (I think) was scared. Then, for some reason, Dave said “Can we explore the zoo by ourselves?”. Now I don’t know why he said this, but Dave just kept on asking and asking. Reluctantly, Dave’s dad let him go. “But,” Dave’s dad said “Meet us at 12:00 at the entrance.”
First, we went to a field of waxed turtle shells. I crawled in and pretended to be a turtle. Then, just for fun, I pretended to be stuck. Dave tried pulling me out but I hooked my feet at the end of the shell. Then he tried pushing me out. Then, I hooked my hands to the shell. This time, Dave saw me. We went to a petting zoo, where we brushed goats and horses. Telling the truth, it was a little bittie boring. So we went out and continued. We went to the Monkey exhibit. Since there was a sign to be quiet, and a lot of people were shouting, one of the monkeys actually, well spit on them. We went to the gift shop and I bought a rain stick for Emily***. It was almost 12:00 and we were waiting at the flamingo/spoonbill exhibit. Then, after a few minutes, Dave’s mom came. We went to the other side of the zoo where we saw ferocious lions, mostly male. Then, I spotted a female lion sitting in the corner!
We continued and saw elephants. It was gray, and big, and weird. We saw it crack a tree branch with its mouth and tusk! We also learned that elephants can only have 4 teeth in its mouth and it changes teeth 6 times in its lifetime. Once it has no more teeth, it cannot eat anymore. Some are smarter a go to the riverbank to see if there are plants. If there are it eats the riverbank plants.(They are softer) We also saw some birds, but Dave got bored instantly. We saw giraffes. Brown and red and brown and dark red and black giraffes. There was also a hawk, and an Egyptian duck, and an intruder duck. Just like the same, we tried shooing it away. Still didn’t work. We were a bit hungry now so we ate at the zoo restaurant. I drank root beer and ate fries and a corn dog. It was good! We went out of the zoo where there was a something like a carnival. We bought tickets for the train ride around the zoo. We saw the lions, the bats in the children’s zoo, the giraffes, ect. After the ride, we bought tickets for the merry-go-around. Then we played Yu-Gi-Oh and Dave won. I went to Dave’s house and continued dueling. We also watched some T.V. I came home, and, just like always, today was a great day!

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Happy April!

March has passed by so fast. It was one of the most amazing months in the last couple of years, because it set many records, like 26 days of rain, record lows and highs for any month. April seems like a good month to go out and play; there has only been 2 days of rain so far. 2 days/7 days = .2857014% of rain so far. Well, happy April and congratulations for all the contributors to this site to make all this possible.
For all you visitors, come check out “”! You can check out information about space and markaenian creatures. It might be under construction, but check it out anyway!



On April fool’s day 2006 there was a disaster. At about 7 o’clock, when we were in Barnes and Noble, Emily started crying and crying and crying and crying. She said that her ear hurt really badly. Wahh! Wahh! She was crying like a crazy duck with its tail in a high-speed blender! Then another terrible thing happened. She threw up! The barf was stinky and it got all over her clothes. P.U! We kept on telling her that she had to lean to the ear that hurt but she wouldn’t. My parents concluded that she had an ear infection. When we came home, dad looked in the yellow pages and called The Night Owl Pediatrics while mom went upstairs to change Emily’s clothes. We had had a ten-minute ride and went there at about 8:30. We waited for the staff to call us to the doctor’s office. There was a Spike Ball that grew when you picked it up. A redheaded staff called us to the office. We waited for the doctor and he finally came in. He was old and wavy haired. He had an orange shirt and glasses. He examined Emily’s ear with something like a funnel with a light and lens. Then he told a staff to give her 2 different types of medicine. The medicine was pink and Emily sucked it quite easily through a tube. Then the wavy haired doctor gave Emily and me red, white, and blue Popsicles. After he gave us the Popsicles, we got to choose a toy from the toy chest. Emily got a baton and I got a “Helicopter Shooter.” On our way home, Emily waved and swung her baton and called it a magic wand. Because she ate her sweaters, mom told her that her ear hurt because she ate her sweaters. Now she doesn’t eat sweaters anymore. Today was both good and bad!

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