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Dusk of the Second Sun Update

Dusk of the Second Sun Chapter 3 is now readable as a rough draft. Enjoy!

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Poogue Jim

Hi fellow poogue members!

I am in the process of writing a great story called Dawn of the Lizard Warrior. I will have it posted in a few minutes.

Here are some online game websites:,,, and

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Dusk of the Second Sun Update

Chapter 2 is now open as a rough draft. Enjoy!

If you have trouble finding the page, click here.

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Poogue Bob

Poogue Bob is in the heezee and I’m still a little bit confused on how this works, but I’ll figure it out. Poogue Bob out.

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1) You can take away the whole and still have some left. You can take away some and still have the whole left. What is it? (SOLVED)

2) A man is six feet tall, is a clerk at a butcher shop, and wears size 11 shoes. What does he weigh? (SOLVED)


3) What is the lowest trio of three consecutive odd composite numbers you can find?
(In other words, what three odd numbers in a row are not prime? For example, 3, 5, and 7 fits most of the requirements, except none of them are composite. All three numbers have to be composite.) (SOLVED)

4) Here’s something weird: According to high school essay standards, what is wrong (and will cause you to be marked off) with the following sentence?
He didn’t like the red cat.

5) What is the longest common word you can find that only uses one vowel? (The BEST answer is NOT strengths!)

6) What is the shortest word you can find that uses all of the vowels in alphabetical order (a, e, i, o, u)? (SOLVED)

7) In a mystical realm, only two rules are followed. The two rules are as follows: Angry and hungry both end in -gry. What is the third word that ends in -gry! (SOLVED)
Hint: Everybody uses the third word.

8) (Note: This is not a riddle.) What two words end in -shion? (SOLVED)

9) What single syllable word can be changed into three syllables by adding only one letter? (SOLVED)

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It’s me! Poogue Camo! HOO-HAA

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Dusk of the Second Sun

Dusk of the Second Sun, by PoogueWee is now out as a very Rough Draft as a page.
If you have trouble finding the page, click here.

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The Color of Spring

I took Emily and David to Heather Farm park for the Easter Egg Hunt this morning. It was such a beautiful day, with spring just started two days ago, trees are wakening, birds singing and children running around. I can’t stop but try to capture the color of Spring, and share the freshness and joys with our friends.

Hint: move your mouse over the picture to show the descriptive text.

Cherry blossoms, reaching to the sky to welcome Spring
Freshness springs from stones
Following white flower, it comes the green leaf sprout
Little pink flowers in our backyard
The lightly Japanese maple in our serene side garden.
Red leaves are just like flowers
Winter is over! Green dots the branches
Spring time in Walnut Creek town center


I’m a Newcomer

Hello everyone! Thanks for letting me join this website! :)

Especially David for letting me have an account!

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The Tale of Michael Update

“The Tale of Michael” has been moved to a page (see the sidebar on the right hand side) instead of regular posts. In this way, we can save up front page space because the old way of releasing episodes cluttered up the other posts (the episodes were very long and took up a lot of space). Episode 4 has been released.

If you have trouble finding the page, click here.

On a side note, our comments have equaled our post number, and our 1000th hit occurred a while ago. More milestones…

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