The Battle for the Stars

As Kordrav was having a good time as leader, he was also very rich. His house had 11 full bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, a kitchen and servants.(No wonder so many bathrooms and bedrooms!) One day, while he was swimming, his messenger had worrying news. Juperipets were invading Markae and heading their way! Kordrav immediately sent his 9,876,543,210 soldiers and 321 mages. He sent paladins in moracopters(Dragish helicopters) for healing.

The next day the fight began. There were centaurs and lawmakers, men and women. There were spirits of crabs , trees, and birds. There was almost every imaginary creature you could think of . The war started just before sundown, and there was only98,754,319 juperipets. Most were awkward looking, 3 legged, had really ovalish heads and no arms. They were all robots. To defeat the juperipets, they (The dragish army) had to hit a button on their backs to realease their life outlets; they also had to cut the veins connecting the robotic rover. In an hour, the juperipets’ population was 10,975,310. The Dragish population was 976,543,210.In the end, the juperipets surrendered :) and ran away. As then, the dragishs’ souls have risen into space and are considered constellations.

David Xie, 2006.01.12

The End