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Skiing at sugarbowl

Day 1
On December 16,2011, me and my family went to Sugarbowl. It was a 2 and a half hour drive from our house to Sugarbowl.When my family got to Sugarbowl, I immediately saw Jenny at the rental office. I put on my skiing clothes in the car. All of my friends and family went skiing except for Joby and Jenny. They were snowboarding. I went skiing with my brother and mom. I was skiing down Christmas Tree lane when I saw my mom fell. My family went to the hospital. After about an hour and 30 minutes, we found out that she twisted her knee :cry: . We finally went to our cabin. I saw Jenny and Tim and Jenny decided we should play Risk. I got the countries North America and Australlia. Soon it got boring so we all quit because it got boring and nobody attacked. At dinner we ate a lot of yummy things. (I couldn’t remember what we ate.) Soon we all went to bed. We also told funny bedtime stories.
Day 2
I went skiing with Tim a lot because Jenny and David were at the top of Mt. Judah. I wanted to go also but my dad said “no”. I made big S’s while Tim skied the pizza way straight down. I was first skiing with Tim and Tim’s dad. It took a long time for Tim’s dad to get down :neutral: . Tim’s dad said Jenny’s dad should ski with us. We went on the lift and skied down Pioneer Road.Once while I was skiing down Christmas Tree lane, I even crashed into somebody :shock: ! We went down a lot of times. soon we got tired so we went to Judah Lodge. Sugarbowl was closing just when Jenny and David skied down. We all went back to our cabin. This time we played Monopoly. We couldn’t finish the game. It was time for dinner. After we all went to sleep. No bedtime stories!
Day 3
This was the most fun day (except for skiing lessons.) At lunch my dad said I could go skiing with Jenny and David :mrgreen: . David said I have to follow his skiing tracks. I did and then we skied until the end of the day. We drove to our cabin. This time Frank and Joby played Uno with us. After dinner Tim said it was his mom’s birthday. I sang the quite insane song to get a gift card. We then had to end our game of Uno when it was time for bed.
Day 4
WE FINALLY ALL WENT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Emily Xie :twisted: