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I’m back

Hey guys!

I’m back on the blog thanks to Poogue Master. He fixed a few login errors I had and it works now! I’m glad to be back.

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Keyboard coding II

Here’s my own version of key board coding. See if you can figure it out. If you are confused, look at the directions in the original Keyboard coding by David.

Fucw nw kuvwert ie fucw nw swprg

Ri vw ie bir ri vw rgpr ua rgw mywaruib.

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If anyone gets this message i cant write my story until the end of summer or maybe sooner im going on vacation and im going camping. i will try to add a little every now and then. but itll be hard. once again sorry for the delay.

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Ok im gonna do wat jim did if u could just give me a rating that would be great

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Mr. Stickman Chat Post

Tell your thoughts on this weeks chapter!!!

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Chapter 8

HOOOOORAY Dawn of the Lizard Warrior Chapter 8 is now posted and complete! Thank you for your patience.


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The End of a Long Argument

Finally after a few days me (Poogue Jim) and Vivachihuahua are now friends and have sided our differences. I will delete all the posts about our argument.

Now all of us are friends sharing a wonderful blog!

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I just want to point out dapoguebomb for supporting me through this online fight. I feel that whoever has the power to raise his levels up please do that

Thank You Dapooguebomb, you rock!!!

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Error in Dawn of the Lizard Warrior

If you have read the beginning of Dawn of the Lizard Warrior you may have realized that the name of the school was
“Walter Porn”. I am really sorry for that mistake and cross my heart and hope to die, I didn’t mean to call it that. It was just a terrible mistake. Fortunately, Poogue Master changed it before it got out of hand.

ONce again I am sorry and I didn’t mean to call it that

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[Title deleted by original author]

[Text deleted by original author]

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