The Dragon, the Wizard and the Witch

Part 1, wrote on 2005.12.19

“Pleeaase, can I?” Kordrav the dragon asked. “Can I please get a wand? I promise that I’ll never ever use any other spells rather than disarming spells. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee????” His mom, who was cooking, was very annoyed. “Can you please stop it???!!!” “Oh, think of all the things you can do with a wand, such as fix glasses, levitate items, be invincible, all those! By the way, we can make ourselves rich!!” “Okay, okay. Go off. Remember turn right on Flying way!!!” shouted Jnyerfrisz (his mom).

Kordrav needed to go to Babydrag because that is where wands are made. Babydrag has 3 Islands. IssOss, LavEEENger, and Kikoiko. IssOss Island was the closest route to go to LavEEENger Island, where the best wand making company is. Kordrav knew how to get to the airport. He had just enough money to get on the Airship 1856097432. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. It was horrible! The flight attendants were ugly, no bathroom, no food! Nobody liked it. Nobody. Not even the flight attendants! It took 10 days to get to Babydrag. They landed at the shore of IssOss Island. He saw that ink from the Lovery Tree was getting poured into the LorBesea sea! Kordrav quickly burnt the tubes that was used to pour the ink into the LorBesea sea, but he burnt some grass, too. The robots that were cutting the grass used their lasers to shoot at Kordrav. Kordrav was cornered. Luckily, their lasers were very hard to aim. They have to aim at one place and shoot. The lasers hit that exact spot. Even if it bumps in to something, the laser goes through it and hits at where the robots want it to go to. Kordrav was smart and stood next to a robot. When another robot shot at him, he moved. The nearby robot that followed him got shot. When all exept one was finished, he destoyed the last one and also the strongest one, the jinoiienr by using his fire breath. When the emperor had heard this, he sent all his soldiers.

It wasn’t long before Kordrav heard about that. The soldiers were at Aos Langles. They had a long way to go. Kordrav quickly fled to LavEEENeger Island and found a castle with a banner on it saying “wicketywockety wand company” and found a door just his size! “It can’t be this easy,” he thought.

It needed claw-check, eye-check, and password. He never knew that his hands (actually claws), eyes, and made-up password fit like a glove. Once he got in, he saw a bottle of X-1234567890 super-eme wands. He got one and a swarm of lakerewen-pants flew up to him. They yakayoooked all around him with their blue-cold stings. “Krukio!” he shouted. Immediately all the lakerewen-pants rose 100,000,000,000,000 dragon-feet high and fell. Oh, did I tell you how many lakerewen-pants there were? There were 999,999,999 little bees!

Part 2, wrote on 2005.12.24

The manager (who was really a wizard,) of the Wicketywokety Wand Company started walking towards him. Kordrav asked him “Why did ink get poured into the LorBesea sea?”"Well, ” the wiz began,but got interuppted by Kordrav, “I don’t like wells. Just tell me why.”. “The Wicked Witch of the West sea, who was the person who changed the Declaration of the Dragish Independence, made part of it say that the Lovery tree on IssOss Island, it’s ink has to be poured into the LorBesea sea. To break the spell a dragon from Kirropoosteinegratinjkeloresae has to drink the potion tied to the top of the frokeeleenneeinnniijnkkffiinnkk building. That makes the time for you go backwards. The Wicked Witch of the Western Sea is most afraid of Kirropoosteinegratinjkelorsian dragons. I know that you are from Kirropoostienegrtinjkeloresae. That will make her not do the spell. But, there are lots of the Witches minions. And the olde worlede is a maze. Here, have the map of the olde worlede. Careful” the wiz got interrupted again. “I have already burnt the system!”shouted Kordrav.The wiz was shokingly screaming ” Then you better do it fast! The Dragish police are after you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He flew up to the celing and dissapeared. Kordrav heard a voice say “Look at your map!!”Kordrav did as told. He saw a place say to follow the wiz.”I guess he’s the wiz.”Kordrav thought.He flew up to the top of the building. Suprizingly, he went through the ceiling and found himself on the top of the frokeeleenneeinnnijkffiinnkk building. He saw a potion. He picked the bottle up and drunk it.”Here goes nothin’!”Kordrav shouted as he got sucked into Hyperspace.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Kordrav found himself walking in a pile of leaves. “I think I’ve been here before.” He thought. He looked at his map. His map had suddenly changed into a leaf! He looked at his pack. He found weird stuff in it. He found shampoo, ten killer whale stickers, two spider larvae, and three hairy puffballs. Suddenly, he heard someone say “Oh, I have to buy new shampoo”. He hurried to the place where he heard the sound and gave the person his bottle of shampoo.As a reward, he got thirty droins. “Wow” he thought. “I’ve gotten droins!”

He went to a dragish shop and bought 3 more puffballs. He heard another person calling “I have a collection of killer whale stickers! Does anybody else have them? I’ll trade you ten droins for one!” Kordrav traded his ten stickers and got 100 droins. He found another sign that said “When is the witch going to change it?” Kordrav took a peek at his map. It said that the witch took the train that was going to the Smart and Educated Dragishs’ Museum of Liberty (SAEDMOL) . “The train leaves at 12:00.” It read. He looked at the Super Atomic Clock. It was 11:58. “Oh nooo, I’m not going to do this on time!!!”

Then he remembered he had a wand. He quickly made up a spell. Misumena Vitia! To his suprise and to the wand’s magic, the spell stopped time! he knew that it took 2 hours to get to the train station. After 1 hour he realized it had passed 1 minute. “It probably slows time.” Kordrav thought. Once he got to the station, he made up another spell. Achaearanea Tepidariorum! Time got back to normal. He saw the train chugging into the station.

Then the witch saw him. She called her minions. “If you can scare my minions away,”she said to Kordrav “Then you shall be crowned king.” “Oh, so your the queen” Said Krdrav in sarcasm. The witch’s minions raged at him. “Make your move.” The queen said. She had a shaking voice. Kordrav first took out his spider larvae. The spiders opened their mouths to show their snake fangs. Kordrav said some thing into their ears. he made another spell: Lactodectus Mactans! The 2 spiders became invisible. He threw the spiders at the minions. The spiders made the minions squggle and squirm and bit the minions with their poisonous bites.Choo! Choo! The train went away. :) “The train went away, that’s true.” It was time for the minion’s turn. First, the person who gave Kordrav 100 drions for the stickers shot out his stickers at Kordrav. In the middle the stickers changed into real whales. Argiope Aurantia! shouted Kordrav. He went back to the real world. “Good to be home.” He said. Kordrav himself went to the SAEDMOL. He went to the Declaration of Independence. He checked for signs of magic. There were no signs of magic found. “Great” said Kordrav. For the rest of his life, Kordrav was legendary and became president.