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Hawaii vacation

Our family had a vacation in Hawaii this month. This time, we visited island Oahu, staying at Waikiki area. Comparing to our last visit to island Maui years ago, Oahu seems to be crowded and too commercialized. But it was still a great Hawaii vacation, especially for David and Emily. We visited Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, Dole Plantation, Polynesian Cultural Center, Chinatown, Sea Life Park, and lots of beaches: Waikiki beach, North beach, Kailua beach and Lanikai beach.


Congratulations on Tingping’s transfer

Tingping has moved forward from his previous position of the Principal of Songyang Normal School to the vice Dean of College of Education, in Jinhua.

谢廷平已经辞去松阳师范学校校长和党委书记之职, 转而赴任教育学院党委副书记. 恭贺就任更大院校的领导岗位!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To all of our family members and our dear friends: Wish you have a great Holiday season!

We invited many friends to our home for Christmas party. Sure we ate a lot from noon to late night, and we played foosball, basketball and cards. And there were quite a few enthusiatic singers. David, Emily and friends played their own games.

As usual, we have setup Christmas deco around home; and David and Emily were very happy to receive great gifts from Santa, since they were doing so well the past year……
David has been great in school work, story writing, swimming, and playing the Piano. And Emily likes dancing, writing, drawing, and could count to 100!

Christmas photos:

Christmas tree, 2006.
Home decorations for Christmas
Emily is riding a pony! :) (Emily likes to ride pony and horse - David being the pony, and Dad being the horse).
David and Emily are cuddling in the Christmas morning… posed right before opening gift boxes.
… and here you go … what do you get from Santa ?
Christmas Eve in Walnut Creek home
… Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, All is bright…

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Best wishes to everybody : )


Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
In China,today is Christmas Eve.
Today I have just finished the CET-3.En~~Just so so.CET-3 is as difficult as College entrance examination.I think I could pass.
The photos are my practice in summer vacation.
nullHe is the teacher of anchorperson.It is a music program.
nullThis is the room of broadcasting live
nullShe is another teacher of lead broadcast


The Polynesian Cultural Center(PCC)

A few days ago, I had a week-long trip to warm, tropical Hawai’i. I went to mant places, including beaches, parks, and aquariums. I even went to the DOLE plantation, the headquarters of the DOLE juice company. Yes, I did go to a lot of places, but the one I liked best was the PCC, or Polynesian Cultural Center.

The PCC is a place where you can learn about the Polynesian Islands, the islands in the Pacific. You can explore from the hula-ing Hawai’i to the twisting Tahiti.

There were seven exhibits, Hawai’i, Aotearoa, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, and Marquesas, though we only got to see three. Each have different traditions and different ways of living, but they all share many properties. I am going to tell you about them.


Aloooha!! Hawai’i is a mystical place, full of adventures of every kind. They invented hula dancing and lei making. Did you know in ancient Hawai’i, kids wouldn’t wear any clothes at all until eight? You wore clothes when you were expected to help out and work. If ancient hawaiians stepped in to the future, they’d be awestruck at all the “responsible eight and olders”. Still, you could play Ulu Maika (Hawaiian bowling), Konane (Hawaiian checkers), and Pala’ie (A loop-and-ball game) anytime.


Kia Ora and welcome to Aotearoa, “The Land of the Long White Cloud”. Did you know that this is the only Polynesian island that has noticeable four seasons? They speak mainly Maori and English, but there are actually many small ingredients that make up the people’s languages that they speak there. Also inventor of the “Poi Ball”, two balls connected to stringsand twirling them so they hit you on the head and each other in perfect rhythm.These helped males in war with weabons, because they aim and rhythm. Also, in wars they would tattoo themselves brightly on the face and stick out their toungues every once in a while.


Talofa,(Hurry up, respond with Talofa Lava) and welcome to Samoa, where optimistic, happy-go-lucky samoans dwell.They depend mostly on coconut for a diet. Men climbed trees, made fires, and squashed the milk and juice out of the coconut while women weaved. Long ago, they also had tattoos, bright tattoos of nature.


Iaorana and welcome to the island of Tahiti, home of the fast hip-shaking dance, called the Tamure. don’t get confused with it and the hula! The island is pretty clear, but if you want to go there, pack up with hundreds upon hundreds of language teaching books, because there are a lot of languages spoken there!


I say Bula, you say Bula Vinaka. Fiji is directly at the side of the Polynesian Triangle, a triangular shape where all the Polynesian Islands lie. They have strange ways of living. They say that their heads are sacred, so they don’t ever wear hats. Hair was a symbol of manhood, so so you’d be kept bald until you were eighteen! But with their cows, when europeans brang them, the cows went “moo” and “miiee”!


Malo ‘e Lelei and welcome to Tonga, where King Taufa’ahau IV, the last remaining monarch, ruled. The island is located smack-dab on the international date line, so they get to “drop the ball” first. They love language and sound, so they play drums and sing songs on New Year.


Ka Oha.This is one of the not-so-famous islands of Polynesia. Marquesans believe that sicknesses are made by supernatural forces. If you did something bad, you would get sick. Healers track their patient’s recent actions to determine the reason of sickness. Usually, they would massage them to relieve their patient’s sicknesses. If they got bitten or hurt, they would hit the wound with a stick so the blood would rush out and “cleanse” the wound.

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Choose a meeting pair

This is a Choose a meeting pair in our college in November.It almost had 160 broadcasting stations,Television station and companies.I am a reporter of broadcasting station in our college,so I went and gather material. There have some pictures of that.