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Keyboard Coding

Here are some codes for you to break:

Qgwew sus rgw qies oyeokw xinw dein?
Siwa awwubf ews nljw tiye gwler vwlr dlarwe ie akiqwe?
Qglr ua 37 ub nieaw xisw?
U lkqlta rwkk kuwa. sus U hyar rwkk rgw reyrg ie kuw?


Hint: Compare letters on the Keyboard.

Answer The Questions!!

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CM testing

A few days ago, I went to this CM (Certificate of Merit) testing, a test for the piano to see how good you are. I was being tested for LVL. 3, and that was the first time I went to this testing. First, they asked me to play the scales in C, G, F, and D MAJOR, and a, e, d, and b minor. I did pretty well on that. Then ,they told me to sightread (play without practice) a small piece, and I only started off on a wrong note in the last measure. After that, they told me to play pieces for them, and I played MUSETTE IN D MAJOR by Bach, ARABESQUE by Burgmuller, and THE CLOWN by Kabalevsky. I missed a bit in the ARABESQUE but I don’t think that affected much on my grade.

After the playing was done, I went to Holiday Inn to have my theory testing. It was very easy, and I’m sure I passed.

Anyways, Mrs. Wilkins, my piano teacher, said that “I passed with flying colors” but she dosn’t have the details. I’m just very happy that I passed!


My Own Math Function

I was sitting around with nothing to do and a thought up of a math problem that would keep me busy: 5 by the power of 5 by the power of 5 by the power of 5 by the power of 5. So in short, it’s 5 by the power of 5 5 times. What would I call it? Igndgeration, igndgerate, and igndger (IGD-jer). It’s a # by the power of that # that # of times. So it’d be like 32 by the power of 32 32 times. Wondering the answer for my question? It’s 7.18212087483073508066162477348e+436. (Don’t be mad, but I used the computer Calculator.)

Oh yeah, on the math equation, it is the # with a square around it.

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My own word

I was thinking about making a sequel to a story I was reading, HOW I SAVED THE WORLD. Then I noticed the book wasn’t written by me. (I knew that a long time ago, but that’s when I recognised it for a “reason”.) So I wondered, Why couldn’t I just write it? Well, I wrote the summary of my sequel, HOW I SAVED MY DAUGHTER. What would the word for it be, a sequel of a book by a different author? I made up a word for it: ARPFTOSEQUEL(ARF/to/see/kuel). How do you like it? If you want to make one up too, give a comment.


An Attack of the Shingles!

Shingles… What do you think it is? A type of flower? A type of bell? A type of disease?

Shingles is what Mrs. Brown, my band teacher, experienced. Last Monday, she woke up and noticed she couldn’t open her left eye! She looked in the mirror with her other eye and noticed that the left eye was swollen shut. Mrs. Brown immediately phoned 9-1-1, and she was sent to the hospital.

She was told that she had contracted the Shingles, the offspring (child) of Chicken Pox. If you have experienced Chicken Pox, the virus stays “asleep” in your body and turns up anytime as Shingles. Unlike Chicken Pox when you get a rash all over your body, Shingles goes to an isolated and commonly used part of her body. Usually it is on your back, but the unfortunate teacher had it on the left eye. “It was very painful,” she comments. “I couldn’t put on my glasses because it had spread on to my nose and the pressure was too much for it to handle. Good thing it’s uncontagious!”

My friend Nick’s mom had it too, when she was in college. She had it on her back. It seems that is may be passed down, because Nick’s grandma had it on the same spot.

If you’ve had Chicken Pox, watch out for the Shingles!