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Father’s Day poem

I was going to buy you a card with saying
I love you dad,
But after that I noticed
I sould make one myself instead.

Every day I think about you
For your picture’s in my heart,
We shall be very happy
Until we are apart.

Happy Father’s Day to you,
HALT! Just wait there, I’m not done,
I present you with two prizes-
relxation and some fun!


Our Basketball Court

We have a basketball court in our house’s side yard. Before it was an area with a miniature vegetable bed with rocks-small pebbles, underneath it. Dad thought a rocky area and a small vegetable garden, not much usage. So, he wanted it to be a basketball court! He said “Adabracadabra Lobanakabloog! Shocksanamabaka Korkorkorkoo!” And the basketball court formed with a loud koo-koo-ka CHOOOO! Ha ha. Not really. Yeah, it only happens in fairy tales. Listen and see how it really is like here.

He hired some workers to make the basketball court. Rain or shine, they came to our house to work on it. First, they cut off a tree at the corner of the rock area. Poor tree! Then, they started to shovel out the rocks in our side yard into our back and front yard. After that, they started putting on the cement. My friend and I were in the zoo* at that time. When we came back we saw that it was way different than what it looked like before, which was rocky and dusty. Now it’s nice, gray, and flat ground. We were very surprised to see the speedy transformation of our side yard.

My friend and I scratched our names on the cement before it set. Using an iron nail, we wrote: “D.X., D.K., A.T., B.F.F.” That stands for “David Xie, David Ke, Aaron Tang, Best Friends Forever.”

But there was still one important part missing: the basketball hoop.

We bought the hoop but it wasn’t shipped here yet. So, the workers made a little hole in the cement. When the hoop finally came, Dad had to assemble it from the parts. It took him 4 days to set it up. Then he asked my friend’s dad to help him put it in place since the pole was so heavy. After a long struggle, the basketball pole stood proudly over the basketball court like an albatross looking over the sea. It has a clear backboard with a red hoop and a white net. The pole is black and has the height adjustment of the hoop.

Now it is almost finished and we can shoot some hoops even though the lines (3-pointer, free) aren’t drawn. I can also ride on my 2 bikes, one big and one small, or I can ride my scooter since the ground is so smooth. Emily also likes riding her bike on the court. Now we have a place to do what we want and we can invite others to our house to play basketball. Perhaps someday YOU can come to our house to play!

* for the zoo, look at The Oakland Zoo for our adventure at the zoo.

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