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The Monster!!

This is another one of my homework stories:
1. In the depth of the deep woods, there is a very weird creature which everyone fears.
2. The horrid monster traps people in cells and make them starve.
3. It’s probably the hairy face that makes him scarier than Godzilla.
4. The monster’s sharp and dirty claws will certainly tear you from limb to limb.
5. Why, the only way to tame the really break his heart, which is made of bad air.
6. No one hardly goes to the monster because one look at him makes you give up trying to kill him.
7. The monster’s icy stare doesn’t only send chills up your spine, but it also almost petrifies you.
8. You do not want to go near him, for his beard smells like rotten flesh.
9. When the alarm rings, everyone in the town knows the monster is coming so they hide in their best hiding spot.
10. Luckily, the monster comes every year so the townspeople have time to make a better hiding spot.

By Emily Xie :shock: