Poogue: A Biography

By Poogue #1, the first creator of Poogue.

If you really want to know, the following is a biography on Poogue:

The Roots
Poogue originated in 2003, quite a while ago. The first RPG that I had heard of was Pokemon, and I immediately got attached to that, Oregon Trail, and AdventureQuest. I loved to play as a different person, one with abilities far beyond ourselves. I liked to build up my own character, advancing in levels and partaking in challenging quests, all of which form our basic definition of Role-Playing-Games. And it was the next year when I added Runescape to my list of favorites after accidentally discovering it with my cousin, Poogue #15. This time, however, Runescape was multiplayer, which made things so much more exciting, advancing the RPG to a BBMMORPG status (Browser Based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Now, not only could you build up your own character, but now you could also watch and see your friends progress along with your own character! The level of immersion for me skyrocketed, and at that time Runescape was my favorite game, setting the standards for other RPGs.

The Idea
Of course, every game had its flaws. The first thing I noticed was the mediocre graphics Runescape posessed. World of Warcraft (WoW), had increased graphics and was also multiplayer. It was then that I wanted to make my own RPG; a huge feat at the time. I had already made many rough drafts of basic RPG’s, but those were only about choosing items to go onto a “Poke-Trail,” and so on. On those tries nothing really got accomplished for me except for a boost of brainstorming and some fun. This next try, however, would be much more complex, dealing with an assortment of items, monsters, places, and quests to choose from. The first people I asked to assist me were my first friends, Poogue #2 and Poogue #3 (PoogueWee and Poogue Bob, respectively), who were also interested in the entire ordeal. Other people recruited early included PoogueBlood and Poogue #8.

The Gathering
Our “group” was never official, but still it grew. One of the biggest changes that happened was me getting admitted into my current swim team, which opened up a new world of opportunities. There were many swimmers interested there, albeit young ones, but I was nine years old at the time. Most kids really like pretending to be different, a good trait of an imaginative mind. In the end, people like Poogue #13, #14, #16, #18-20, PoogueJim, and even David were found at our swim team. Moreover, my Sunday school provided some members as well. Just like at swimming, members were found, this time Poogue #9 and Poogue #10. And one of the biggest additions was found at my trip to China. A new friend, Poogue #22, was extremely helpful; he helped create the entire current Poogue world! Sadly, after that, I never saw him again but Poogue #22 still resides deep in our hearts. Things were going well, in terms of recruiting; we had 21 members by the end of 5th grade.

The Deadly Spread
It was the start of 6th grade when the Poogue community first took a U-Turn. This was the period when I lost contact with many of our members, rendering them inactive. For example, Poogue #4 and his brother, long-time neighbors of mine, later moved all the way to South Korea. Poogue #22, the co-producer of the Poogue World (you heard earlier) moved to New Jersey, and yet another member now lives in Washington. Other people I just lost contact with them because our friendship wasn’t too tight to begin with. And something else weird: Poogue #5, who helped to actually get the group up and running, deflected from Poogue near the end of 5th grade to join another club specifically against Poogue, the Red Dragons. But, whatever. (I just learned that the leader of this rival club has been suffering from insomnia ever since the year after 5th grade. That’s just weird…I don’t know if it’s some kind of curse from going against Poogue, or what…but it’s kinda creepy.) That club soon fell apart and Poogue #5 moved all the way to Pittsburgh. He is now on the Wall of Shame but still a Poogue member for his previous great achievements.

The Recreation
After a dreadful loss of activity, we luckily fell upon the correct track and picked up several active members from the 6th to 7th grade period. These people put a boost to morale and constantly worked, created many items. New worlds and weapons were created during this sudden burst of activity. Usually our working group stayed in the library after school, sharing thoughts and noting down descriptions and drawings on paper while we discussed aspects of the game. That group was tight to begin with, made up of Poogue #1, #2, #25, #26, and #28. Additionally, old bonds with older active members were strengthened, mainly with this blog and the occasional Poogue visitors. We were heading up towards the same direction as fantasy.

The Present
Poogue is doing just fine now. We have moderate activity, which was much more than what I thought we would have four years ago. Our current member total is 32, although only a select few rise above the rest in terms of productivity. If you have a question you would like to ask about Poogue, please contact Poogue Master on a comment box. Thank you.

The following is a list of the current Poogue members (under construction currently).

Number Poogue Name

Poogue Master

Poogue #2: PoogueWee
Poogue #3: Poogue Bob
Poogue #4: N/A
Poogue #5: N/A (Wall of Shame)
Poogue #6: PoogueBlood
Poogue #7: X-Man
Poogue #8: N/A
Poogue #9: N/A
Poogue #10: N/A
Poogue #11: N/A
Poogue #12: N/A
Poogue #13: DaPoogueBomb
Poogue #14: N/A
Poogue #15: N/A
Poogue #16: N/A
Poogue #17: N/A
Poogue #18: N/A
Poogue #19: N/A
Poogue #20: N/A
Poogue #21: Poogue Jim
Poogue #22: N/A
Poogue #23: N/A
Poogue #24: N/A
Poogue #25: Vivachihuahua
Poogue #26: N/A
Poogue #27: N/A
Poogue #28: N/A
Poogue #29: N/A
Poogue #30: N/A
Poogue #31: KuroPoogueClown
Poogue #32: Poogue Camo

Well, if you’ve bothered to read this far, congratulations on reaching the end. I hope you’ve learned something about the Poogue background while reading our history. Thanks for your time.