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Poogue Update!

Sorry I haven’t been on for a long time; I was busy doing Poogue stuff. Anyways, the school year has started and we have a new Poogue member, Om! Also, Prabhu, Michael, Tony, Matthew, Jared, and Bayar are working to help Poogue. Thanks everyone!
We also have a Poogue Tournament going on for the WCI Poogue members. There are 8 contestants, and each one will be facing off against another using only the items that they created. The winner of the tournament will be placed in a spot for the Poogue Commitee.
Ranks have also begun! The ranks for Poogue members right now are (from lowest to greatest): Member, Valued Member, Page, and Poogue Commitee. A valued member is a person has has done something for Poogue right now or in the past. If there is a great deal of work done by that member, they are promoted to the page level. Finally, there are four spots in the Poogue Commitee (one spot for the winner of the tournament), who do many important decisions for Poogue. The people that are promoted to the page level are Prabhu, Max, and David. People that have been
promoted (or are) a valued member are Matthew, Tony, Cameron, Grant, Peter, Bayar, and Om.
Note to David: Poogue members will finally be viewing the website! Please leave it open for this night. Thank you.

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Barcelona trip

I had a trip to Barcelona, Spain in June. Of course, it was quite exciting since it was the first time for me to go to Europe. I stopped by Paris, and examined the Paris city from sky, follow the guide of “Da Vinci Code” :) . The surrounding of Paris, the French country side, was also very lovely at early summer, with green fields and sparkling waterways.

Barcelona is a familiar city name to us because of the Olymipic game in 1992. Situated along the coast of Medterrean Sea, it is the financial center of Spain (like Shanghai of China). But you can feel the art in the air rather the smell of money. Barcelona has several fine museums and great architecture, such as Picasso Museum and The Temple de la Sagrada Familia. Of the people in her history, we know the names: Christopher Columbus, Pablo Picasso, and probably Antoni Gaudi.

On the way back, I flew over London and then headed to Iceland, and then Greenland, and it was fascinating to see the change from ocean water/island mountain to ice water/iceberg. I feel our human people are so small and humble in front of the vast nature.

Photo tours of Barcelona:

  The communications tower, designed by the Valencia architect Santiago Calatrava, was built for the 1992 Olympic Games. It is located on the mountain of Montjuic, close to the Olympic Staduim. Very futuristic.
  Columbus Monument - the monument commemorates Christopher Columbus’s return from his first voyage to America and his presentation to the Catholic Kings, which took place in Barcelona.
  That’s me, cruising along the Barcelona coast of Mediterranean Sea.
  This is the famous Spanish dish - Rice with Seafood stew, or 海鲜烩饭. It looks fine but tastes really good. The restaurants along the tourist attractions are expansive, especially considering the exchange rate of USD to Euro. But if you wander down to the areas that locals hang around, you find good inexpensive food with generous large dish. I had this dish in the Gothic District.
  This narrow winding streets look familiar to the old Shanghai? As the old city center of Barcelona, the Gothic District hosts rich medieval heritage. Many museums are among these old streets, such as Picasso Museum.
  The Temple of de la Sagrada Familia is a architecture wonder of the world, with its innovative geometrical shapes. It is still under construction and projected to complete in 2028. Antoni Gaudi, the most famous architect in Barcelona, began the construction of this unique temple in 1882, and he worked on this project for over 40 years until his death.
  The Casa Mila, aka. La Pedrera, also built by Antoni Gaudi.
The facade has the unique characteristic of continuous curves without any corner angles. It is declared as a World Heritage of Humanity site.

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We are back!

It has been a relaxing and lazy summer break. Got more sleeps and just let things go slowly. We will catch up with our writings soon.
This blog server and website were also on summer vacation :)