My birthday party☺

Sophia was the first to arrive. We played curiosity, then Bianca came. We jumped on the trampoline. Mikayla came after. Chloe, when she came, started eating stuff before she decided to jump on the trampoline. Everyone was here, except for Sophia Z. She came later. My mom bought these exploding firecracker things, as well as mini bombs. First we threw the bombs and firecracker things and my mom and dad took pictures of us. We acted NOT proper. Yayness

Soon we went to down town and sort of terrorized everyone while wearing traditional Chinese dresses (My birthday was on Chinese New Year!)and eating ice cream but we didn’t terrorize anyone by eating ice cream. It seemed strange. I didn’t want to terrorize anyone, so I just threw a little bit of mini bombs.

We went back. Everyone wanted to ride bikes except for me. I jumped on the trampoline then went inside to help my brother build rocket ships. There were these tube things and you had to wrap this paper on it and tape it to build a rocket ship.

Sophia Z. came when I was on the trampoline, and I watched both of the Sophias’ wrestle each other. It wasn’t very interesting. I went inside, and Sophia P. said we should play slaves, and that wasn’t very fun.

For dinner we had delicious dumplings made by Sophia Z.’s mom and my mom. I loved them.

Chloe left when we were eating dinner :cry: . I opened her present, which were a bunch of epic clothes. Soon the rest of the group played hide and seek. That was more fun than slaves. One by one everyone left, and I opened the presents. They were all really awesome. Soon the last person, Sophia Z. was here and we played the wii. She left at ten instead of eight. I loved my birthday party. :mrgreen: .
Emily :idea:

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