The ice cream

Here are my sentences for my homework.
1. If you gain weight, you’ll be as fat as a hippo.
2. The cause of having cavities is probably the ice cream
3. I still want to eat the ice cream because it is sweet.
4. You can’t eat ice cream but you can be safe and eat cucumbers.
5. You should travel in the past and see the kids because they can’t eat ice cream.
6. Reach for the cucumbers and leave the ice cream behind.
7. His mother secretly kept the ice cream under the old bed
8. The sky was gray and so was the ice cream because it was covered by the dust under the old bed.
9. The boy ran across the field because his mother told him the ice cream was hidden in the field.
10. The boy took a break from searching for the ice cream but he lost a lot of weight so the mother got the ice cream from under the old bed but the boy didn’t want to eat the ice cream.
By Emily Xie :roll:

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