The News☺

Homework assignments, again.
1. “Welcome to the uber-special news channel!!” says the mysterious voice 1.
2. “Now we will talk about the famous model!” says the strange voice 2.
3. “Ooh, thank you and now I would like to talk about the shower shampoo to make you smell yummy,”says the superstar.
4. “But before that, we will go on the weather channel!” says voice 1.
5. “There will be showers in CA for 1,000,000,000,000 millenias!” says the weather man.
6. “I want to talk about the men’s perfume that your uncle will love.” said the guy who worked at Estelle Lauder.
7. “No, let’s talk about the recipe for my famous sugar cookies so first you add 5 star brown sugar…”exclaimed the baker
8. “I’ve got a cure for cancer!” said a random doctor/scientist
9. “Get your high quality extra cotton pillow soft towels” said a Walmart salesman.
10. “Shoo!!!” said voice 1 because the last drop of patience dripped out of him.
By Emily :roll:

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