Road to Hana: Seven Sacred Ponds, an essay

Up and down the winding roads, after two whole hours and an approximate amount of 600 turns by car, lies Hana. Along the way there are lush rainforest trees, fresh, tropical fruit, and crystal-like waterfalls. Why not take a break from all that driving? There are many places along the way where one can rest. But, the Seven Sacred Ponds (SSP) is a place where everyone must go. On the road to Hana, SSP is a must-go because it’s thrilling and relaxing.

Lush rainforests

First, the reason why SSP is one of the best stops is because it’s exiting. At the highest pond, there is a small cliff that people can jump off of. Feel the adrenaline race through one’s body as the leap is done. Air whips, by, and then SPLOOSH (!) goes the pond. Feeling gravity pull down at such a tremendous height is a stomach dropping sensation, scary but electrifying. Looking down and seeing how far away the water lies is a frightening but makes you want to take the dare. SSP is a favorite among visitors because it is “pulse pounding.”
Secondly, being cooled off and refreshed is another explanation of why SSP is a recommended resting place. Fresh air gets blown around providing a nice little breeze. Those squished, uncomfortable feet are finally free when it goes inside the water. Feeling the wind against your skin is very calming and like a big “thank you” to nature. Dipping the legs in the pond? It’s crisp, clear water makes it feel like one is instantly in paradise after being imprisoned inside a hot, stuffy car. With this, the good feeling will course through the body and one will be super relaxed.
It’s now clear of why people go to SSP — the intimidating and reviving feature of this world. Although it’s a great place to visit, it’s not the only place like this. Why not explore the world for more?

The water is so chilly, but we love it!

Emily :mrgreen:

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